ICA MAP Review and Test Results


The main features of this Forex managed account service are as follows:

1. Focuses exclusively on trading the currency market

2.Your trading account will be subjected to a level of risk exposure which is customized to meet your own specific needs and objectives

3. Although ICA Map will managed your account; depositing and withdrawing funds will always be at your sole discretion only

4. Your money will be held within a segregated account, which will be completely separate from those of this firm. You will therefore know that your deposits will be completely safe and retrievable even if this company suffers a major financial crisis, such as bankruptcy.

5. In addition, the bank, at which your funds will be retained, is fully regulated by the appropriate national authority

6. The strategies utilized are protected by two levels of risk and money management, which are Automated and Internal

7. You will enjoy totally transparency of the entire operation as you will retain total access to your account continuously around the clock

8. The strategy deployed by this company is centered on the following major components: automated trade management concepts; state-of-the-art risk management policy and a high probability detection model

9. This firm operates a management structure, based on a ‘two-boss’ model ensuring that its team of professionals always operates in accordance with its code of conduct.

10. ICA MAP claims that it always delivers an impressive annual performance which is adjusted to its clients’ risk preferences

Investment Managers:

The investment managers of this company include Investment Capital Advisors LLC; Atvantis Capital Management AG and Seneca Invest AG Auditor: Delta Group. In addition, the primary brokerages used are Citi Bank (UK), Gain Capital (UK), FXCC (Cyprus) and Swiss Quote Bank (Switzerland),

The operational activities of this company are performed by its team of dedicated consultants possesses a wide range of relevant qualifications and experiences. Their main activities include the following:

–      Ensuring that the automated risk management and mechanical trading system models are functioning properly.

–      Studying trading charts in order to detect high quality entry opportunities exhibiting maximum profit potential.

–      Determining the price and trigger projections of each new trade.

–      Monitor, track and control the risk exposure of clients’ investment portfolios.

–      Overseeing the operation of the automated risk and trade management software in order to restrict risk and leverage levels.

–      Activating Stop-Losses and Profit-Targets.

–      Develop, test and enhance all the software products in order to ensure maximum quality of operation

In addition, the firm is supported by a number of key contractors who fulfil the following major duties:

–    Monitor and instruct a multifunctional and multidisciplinary team of consultants to devise; develop and test investment strategies capable of generating the maximum returns for clients.

–    Construct long and short term investment procedures and customized investment portfolios structured on client preferences for risk exposure and targeted rate of returns.

–      Enhance ongoing relationships between investors and their allocated fund manager by staying in constant contact with both parties.

–      Perform regular due diligence to ensure that all fund managers are adhering to the firm’s code of conduct.  Tasks include assessing methodologies, documentation reviews, manager interviews and risk management analysis, etc.

–      Generate performance reports for clients on a timely and monthly basis

Performance Tests

ICA Map projects the image of being well supported by its own team of well-qualified and highly experienced consultants who are backed by an array of well-established sub-contractors. As such, the Forex managed account services serviced by this company certainly appear to be very promising at first sight.

What does a deeper investigation unearth? For example, does this company possess the ability to genuinely create real money profits consistently? To formulate answers capable of addressing these pertinent questions objectively, a series of experiments were performed which produced the test results contained within the following table.



Key Parameters

The next stage of the proceedings involved devising a technique capable of evaluating how well this service performed when exposed to the ravages of real live trading. This task was accomplished by deducing the following major performance parameters using the average values stated in the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 21%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 3.37

3.       Expectancy Value = -$39.80

These calculations suggest that the ICA MAP has the potential of generating a loss of $39.80 for each $1 risked over an extended time frame.

User Comments

An internet search was not able to detect any useful user statements that could endorse the performance of this Forex managed account service or otherwise.


ICA Map charges a monthly management fee of 0.16% and a performance fee of 25% per month


You are well advised to adopt extreme caution if you are contemplating subscribing to this service. This is because the performance parameters listed above disclose a very worrisome expectancy value which indicates that you will suffer extensive losses over the long haul.

Consequently, you should consider researching other Forex software products with the intent of identifying those exhibiting superior performance parameters. You can readily accomplish this task if you follow our advised course of action. 

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