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Welcome to the Advanced Binary Options Trading course. It’s important for us that you understand what you can expect from it. So in this introductory lesson, we will go through everything that you will learn and everything that we will teach you in this 23-Lesson course.

But first of all, let’s ask a question. And I think everybody wants to know the answer to this question. “Is trading binary options easy?” And we’re not going to lie to you. Trading binary options is easy. And this is why it has had such a boom in the past few years.

Anyone can go to a broker page, open up an account, fund it, and buy puts or calls on any of the instruments that the broker has on its list of tradable assets. But the difficult thing about trading binary options is to make money. And we’re not talking only about making money on a single trade. We’re talking about making money in the long run and becoming a profitable binary options trader.

And how can you become a profitable binary options trader? Well, that’s easy, too. You have to trade with a tested and profitable strategy. And in this advanced course we will teach you three different strategies that you can apply to binary options trading. And we have developed three strategies because we want you to have as much flexibility as you can on your trading. And not only trade a 60-second option or the normal binary options or the one touches.

We want you to be able to diversify your trading as much as possible, and be able to trade the three different options on any single day. In this course we will teach you about money and risk management. Money and risk management are the most important tools a trader can have.

Any trader knows that you will have losing trades. In fact, you can go on bad streaks and have multiple losing trades over and over. But having solid money and risk management rules will avoid your blowing your account and continue to be profitable in the long run. We will teach you about trading psychology in this lesson, too, because it’s important that you understand that you will not be looking to chase your losses ever.

You will stick to your money and risk management rules and to your trading strategy. We will teach you how to accurately read indicators. These three strategies are based on technical analysis and as any technical analysis based strategy, you will use indicators to tell you the market conditions so you can actually take the right side of the trade. For example, if prices reach an important level of resistance and your indicators tell you that the market is in fact over, but you’ve looked into buying puts rather than calls on the instrument.

Why? Because if the market is over body, it’s more than likely that this highly important level of resistance will hold and we will have a much deeper correction before returning to the main move.

We will teach you how to pick the right assets to trade. This is important because as traders, we profit from price movements. And if the price of the asset that you are choosing to trade is not moving at all and is trading, in fact, in a very narrow and tight range, it will be more than likely that your options will end up out of the money or will expire out of the money. And you will get caught in the trap.

We will teach you how to understand market volatility and profit from it. And this is where everything comes together. We already know our money and risk management rules. We already know how to accurately read our indicators, how to pick the right assets to trade, and now how to look for volatility and profit from it.

As we told you before, as traders we profit from price movements and price moves when there is volatility in the market. So hunting for volatility is what we will mainly teach you in this next step. And everything comes to perfectly time your entries. If you missed a move and you go to the next setup, chasing entries will make your trades end up or expire out of the money, substantially more times than if you are entering at the right time on the market.

Then we will teach you three different strategies for three different kinds of binary options. We will teach you how to trade the 60 second options profitably, how to day trade binary options with Momo trades or momentum trades, and how to trade the one touch options to diversify your trading.

So this is basically what you will learn in this 23-Lesson course. So why don’t we get started with it?



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