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Hello traders, welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the fifth module extras. In this lesson, we’re going to introduce cAlgo and cAlgo is the sister platform of cTrader where you can build your own indicators and your own robots using the C Sharp coding language. To access the cAlgo platform, you only have to go to Links, and then click on cAlgo, just like this. When you open the cAlgo platform, this is what it looks like. As you can see on the top left side of the platform, we are on the cAlgo platform. We can go back to the cTrader platform but right now, we are going to look at the cAlgo platform.

introductiontocalgo 1

Now this platform is for developers that know the coding language to develop indicators and robots. But the cool thing about the cAlgo platform is that right here, you have all the rules you can add to an indicator or a robot and below, you have the definition. For example, let’s take one in random all right? Let’s go to a function and has two cross below. Returns true if data series one has crossed below data series two over the specific period. Even if you are just a beginner developer, the cAlgo platform will help you with your coding by giving you a summary, some remarks of the functions you are using, and of course the syntax. With this means that this is how you are going to write it or code it. Well this is how you’re going to write it in your code.

introductiontocalgo 2

I know it could be easier just to drag and drop these functions on the actual code, but to be able to develop a bot or an indicator, you have to be able to understand what you are writing. Now another thing that I wanted to show you is that right here, instead of having the summary and the favorites or watch list tab, you have the cBots and the indicators available to you on the cAlgo platform. And right here, these are sample bots. On the next lesson, I’m going to show you where you can find a button, how to back test them to see if you want to add them to your trading. For the time being, I’m going to show you how to add a currency pair or an instrument to a bot. Just like in this case, we have the Euro-US Dollar or the sample-trained cBot.

introductiontocalgo 3

Let’s say that we want to try out the cBot Reference SMA. We go to this plus sign, which is “Add an Instance,” we click on it and as you can see right here, we have all the financial instruments available for trading. And let’s say that we want to trade it on crude oil, we click on WTI and WTI is added to the bot. If you want to run the bot right now, you just click here on this play button once and the bot should be running on the 1-hour time frame with a 14-period simple moving average. If you want to change the time frame, you can do so just by clicking on this drop-down menu right here on time frame, and go to the one minute. The chart will change to the one minute. And if you want to change from crude to gold for example, you can do so by choosing the symbol. You can also choose the SMA period, and let’s choose a very short period SMA, a third period SMA. And let’s start the bot right now.

introductiontocalgo 4

Right now, you just have to wait for the buy and sell orders that the bot will send out when all the rules have met for the trade. When you go to the indicators page, it’s also easy to add an indicator to a chart just by adding an instance. And for example, this is a position risk indicator, so we are going to choose to risk only 3% of our account and with a stop-loss of 10 pips, we are going to just leave it like that.

introductiontocalgo 5

So right here, you can see on the top right of the chart that we have to trade 0.23 lots of gold, to only risk 3% of our account with a 10 pip stop-loss. If we change the stop-loss, for example to a 5 pips stop-loss, and we want to risk 15% of our account which of course we don’t recommend, but I’m just changing this so you can see how the indicator changes the amount or the volume of gold that we need to trade in order to meet these rules. And right now, we have to trade 2.27 lots to risk 15% on a 5 pips stop-loss. So basically this is an introduction to the cAlgo and this is how you are going to be adding indicators and bots to your charts.

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