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Hello traders, welcome to the NinjaTrader tutorial and the first module introduction to NinjaTrader. In this lesson I’m going to teach you all about the hot key manager. And we’re going to learn how to assign and how to remove hot keys to any active window. So what we’re going to do right now, which we’re going to jump right into the control center of the NinjaTrader and I’m going to show you where the hot key manager is located. You have to go to Tools and you have to go to Hot key Manager. This is the hot key manager and as you can see, we have, on the left side of the hotkey manager, the active windows, and on the right side of the hotkey manager, all the available actions that you can choose from.

Hot Key Manager

So let’s start by learning how to set up a new hot key. Let’s say that we want a new hot key for when we want a new chart. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go to global. We’re going to choose new chart, and then we are going to choose this drop-down menu.

Hot Key manager ninjatrader

We are going to choose the modifiers and the key. I always choose Alt because it’s the modifier that I least use when I type. And because it’s a new chart, let’s use the letter C. Okay, now we click OK. And we click OK right here, and you will always get this hot key warning. All hot keys are inactive when a modal form has focus. And this warning is telling you that if you have, let’s say, a chart that is always on top, because you can choose to have a chart that is always on top, the hot keys are going to be inactive. But because we don’t have that, the hot keys are active now. So because the hot keys are active, we are going to use the Alt-C hot key to see if it works on a new chart [inaudible 00:02:20]. Alt and C. And as you can see, the data series window has opened for me to choose any future contract that I want, and let’s say that we want the Six C which is the Euro FX contract, we just double click it and of course we already know how to create a new chart.

hot key

Now let’s go back to the hot key manager and let’s look at the actual hot keys that we have on our chart. These are hotkeys that are enabled on our charts. Let’s see that we have the line which is the F2. Let’s see if we can actually use a drawing tool that we use a lot. Okay, let’s go with the line, which is the F2. And if we go to a chart, let’s use the ES chart for this example and we click on F2, we have the drawing tool that is prompted on us. Now you already have these hot keys on your charts enabled, but if you want to disable a hot key or if you want to remove a hot key, what you need to do is go to the hot key that you want to remove and just click on this button that says remove. And then you click OK. Now you can see that the F2 hot key for the line drawing tool is no longer available. And if you click on OK and if we go to the chart again and we click on F2, that drawing tool will not be prompted to us. So this is basically what the hot key manager looks like and what you can do with it. Of course–


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