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Hey traders, welcome to the Forex Beginners Course, this is Cory Mitchell.
In this video, we’re going to look at what the Beginners Forex Course
entails, brought to you by

So what you’re going to learn in the Forex Beginners Course. We’re going to
look at what the forex market is and how you can interpret your forex
charts. We’re going to set up a demo account, navigate MetaTrader, one of
the most popular forex grading platforms that you can easily do this
yourself and start getting yourself acclimatized to the forex market.

We’re going to look at what you need to know about forex. There are things
like spreads, swap, market hours and what type of orders you can place in
the forex market. We’re going to look at adding indicators and overlays to
your charts; what they are and how they can help or hinder you.

We’re going to look at an introduction to picking entries, stops and
targets. This may go a little bit against some of the common methods that
are out there, which you may not find work as well. So we’re going to look
at how I pick my entries, stops and targets.

We’re also going to look at some trading statistics you should monitor so
that you can keep yourself on track. And they can also help you become a
better trader by isolating which parts of your tradings need work, and
which ones are doing well.

We’re going to look at how to handle volatility, correlations and economic
news events. How to create a winning trading plan. And we’re also going to
prepare you for some unforeseen risks. For example, your computer goes down
or your broker goes down. How do you prepare for those sorts of things,
which are eventually going to happen to you if you trade for a long time?

So, these are some unforeseen risks that we really need to take some time
to address and prepare for.

So who I am, there’s me there. My name’s Cory Mitchell, I’m a Charted
Market Technician. I’m a Member of the Market Technicians Association and
the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis and the International Federation
of Technical Analysts.

I’ve been a trader since 2005. I was an institutional prop trader for six
years. What that means is that I was basically paid to trade company money.
I was only paid if I was profitable, so I was paid a percentage of my
profits. Basically, a bonus on what I made. I did that for six years. It
was great fun.

Ultimately, I decided to trade independently. So now I day and swing trade
forex for a host of high quality financial sites, including Investopedia,
Trader HQ, a few other sites and magazines.

I’m also the founder of, since 2007. If you want my
contact information or you want to contact me directly with questions, you
can contact me there. My email address is [email protected], but
you can always go to the site and check me out there.

So that’s the intro to the course. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re
going to get you acclimatized to forex so that you can really, I guess, hit
the ground running when you start trading. So we’re going to look at demo
accounts, get you profitable in that. Set up your trading plans so when you
go live, you’re ready to go.

Another thing that you’re going to want to look at, potentially, as you
progress as a trader, is we also have the Advanced Forex Strategies Course.
So this course is going to get you started, get you trading, get you
creating a trading plan.

If you’re looking for more advanced strategies, check out the Advanced
Forex Strategies Course, we go through a ton of different types of
strategies, which is going to get you thinking about the market in a
completely different way. Based on ten years of trading experience, you
just realize a lot of things don’t work that are commonly taught. And we
break a lot of those myths in the Advanced Forex Strategies Course.

So if you’re looking to progress beyond what is offered in the Forex
Beginners Course, you may also want to check out the Advanced Forex
Strategies Course. I’m Cory Mitchell, I hope you enjoy this. Until I see
you next time, happy trading.


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