JacksonCapital Review – FX Managed Account Service


The firm offering this particular Forex managed account service boasts that it can generate consistent profits between 20% and 40% per annum by attaining constant monthly returns averaging between 1.5% and 4%.

This company also claims that very few of its rivals can match this verifiable performance especially during times of high volatility.

Services Offered by JacksonCapital

–      Develops and implements state-of-the-art and proven Forex strategies that are capable of delivering double-digit returns on a constant basis for institutional and private investors by trading the currency market.

–      Can trade clients’ accounts automatically so that they are not involved in the process at all.

–      Possesses a range of products that are capable of proficiently trading indices, commodities, shares and currencies at low risk exposure but high profit potential in order to capture good returns in both rising and falling markets.

–      Deploys extensive research facilities to create powerful trading strategies by utilizing advanced algorithms supported by both thorough analysis and testing. These tools can subsequently detect high quality entry conditions automatically around the clock throughout the entire trading week.

–      Supports processes that can trade the currency market free of human emotion and error

Risk control

Jackson Capital places risk control as possibly its primary objective in order to generate consistent returns while exposing its client’s equity to minimum risk levels. To accomplish this important objective, all automated services are constantly monitored by teams of professional traders in order to detect modifications and updates, especially in the events of new fundamental catalysts.

For example, the major techniques utilized to limit risk exposure are as follows:

–      Trading diversified currency pairs

–      Fundamental analysis overriding modules

–      Thorough back testing and live beta testing

–      Exposing strategies to periods of high volatility

–      Constantly tracking active trades in every market

–      Diversifying between long and short trading

–      Checking impacts created by hedging and grid strategies

–      Deploying equity stops per active positions.

Strategy Description

Each proprietary strategy deployed by JacksonCapital is characterized by the following features:

–      100% automated incorporating fundamental analysis overriding modules

–      Structured on powerful algorithms derived from intensive research

–      Monitored constantly by Forex specialists to ensure performance targets are attained


These strategies have been specifically designed to generate the following attractive benefits:

–      Achieve double-digit gains consistently

–      Risk spreading utilizing asset diversification

–      Functions equally well during both bullish and bearish trends

–      Totally automatic involving no client interaction

–      Clients can withdraw funds totally at their discretion

–      Provides complete transparency by allowing customers full access to their accounts enabling them to track trading performances constantly.


Products & Performance

This firm’s numerous trading strategies provide investors with the exciting opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios with confidence. This approach has generated consistent profits even during difficult trading conditions, such as those experienced when volatility is high.

Each strategy is supported by extensive historical trading records demonstrating that they truly do create real money profits over extensive time periods. This information is readily available for third-party verification. However, you must always remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. To overcome this problem, JacksonCapital always supports its services by incorporating well-tested money management policies.


Performance Tests

The supporting promotional literature certainly projects a product exhibiting exciting possibilities. How does this Forex managed account service perform in reality? Should you expend further time investigating its potential? To answer these pertinent questions, a series of tests were performed and the ensuing results are displayed in the next table.



Key Parameters

A means was now required that would enable you to speedily determine whether this service is really capable of generating consistent profits. To that end, the following performance parameters were calculated using the average values contained within the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 52%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 1.75

3.       Expectancy Value = $5.16

These calculations suggest that the JacksonCapital is capable of generating a return of $5.16 for each $1 risked over an extended time frame.


User Comments

Sadly, no meaningful comments were unearthed by an internet search that could help confirm the performance of this Forex managed account service.



This company charges a monthly performance fee based on the following commission structure:

Account size between $10,000 and $20,000: $59 per month

Account size between $20,000 and $35,000: $119 per month

Account above $35,000: $159 per month



This product definitely merits further attention as it boasts an impressive expectancy value of $5.16. If you can subsequently confirm this figure by instigating a deeper investigation, then you should seriously consider adding this Forex managed account service to your investment portfolio. You can achieve this task quite simply by following our recommended steps of actions, which are both easy to understand and implement.

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