Konstantin FX Turtle Review

About the Konstantin FX Turtle Signals Product


The promoters of the KonstantinFX Turtle advise that this product produces the most conservative performance out of their range of other signals services by generating the lowest monthly and annual profits, albeit at minimized risk exposure.

One of the key benefits of this particular product is that it possesses a high reward-to-risk ratio implying that you only need one win to counter a series of losses.

Main features of the KonstantinFX Turtle

–      Utilizes a design centered on Swing and Trend following Strategies

–      Permits a maximum number of 5 active positions at any one time.

–      Maximum stop-loss activated is 100 pips

–      Maximum risk exposure per position is 3% of total equity

–      Worst drawdown permitted is 24% of total account balance

–      Opens a maximum of 10 positions per day

–      Activates a maximum of 50 positions per month

–      The design does not support Hedging

–      The maximum time permitted for a position to remain active is 120 hours

–      Average trade duration is 24 hours

–      Does not utilize fixed stop-losses and profit-targets

–      Average annual return is 70%

–      Functions equally well with any Forex broker although those supporting the lowest spreads are recommended

–      Currency pairs traded include GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and USD/CAD

The developers also advise that the software supplied with their product should be installed on a MetaTrader 4 platform using a UK based Virtual Private Server in order to minimize slippage and latency problems. The team, who developed this service, consists of experienced Forex traders. This group became active in 2003 and has devoted a considerable amount of time studying and mastering all the intricacies of Forex trading during the interim. Consequently, the members now possess highly advanced analytical skills enabling them to secure consistent Forex profits over extensive periods of time.

They subsequently adopted a policy to build a range of signal services, including KonstantinFX Turtle, by exploiting their combined total of experience and research capabilities. This group stresses that they do not deploy any cheap marketing ploys or sales hype when promoting their product range. Instead, they prefer to prove the performance of their services by supplying third party verifiable statistics and live trading results.

This team utilizes a philosophy that is centered on the primary concept that excellent signal services can only be created by those traders who really know how to trade Forex proficiently and who are able to develop trading strategies that really work. They further postulate that high quality alerts can only be produced by people possessing the necessary skills and experience. As they comply with these stipulations precisely, this is why you should seriously consider subscribing to the KonstantinFX Turtle. In particular, only the best traders are permitted to join the elite club that creates the signals. In particular, these individual must demonstrate a solid history of successful Forex trading in order to acquire approval.

The developers also advise that only those trading strategies that have consistently generated real money profits over an extensive time period are selected to create the signals. Flaws ones are always rejected, such as Martingales, over-leveraged and Grid solutions. They stress that you must appreciate the importance of this policy as these weak strategies will always fail over the long-term. The main objective and ambition of the KonstantinFX team is to ultimately create a major global platform that is capable of producing the best Forex trading signals in the world.


Performance Tests

The team behind the KonstantinFX Turtle certainly seems to possess the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to design a successful Forex signal service. Consequently, tests were performed to confirm this fact and the results are listed in the subsequent figure.



Key Parameters

So, is the KonstantinFX Turtle really a viable option and will it produce real money profits for you? To address these pertinent questions, the following parameters were calculated using the average values identified in the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 73%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.67

3.       Expectancy Value = $2.60

The resultant expectancy value suggests that the KonstantinFX Turtle has the potential to provide a profit of $2.60 for every $1 placed at risk over an extended time period.


User Comments

An internet search did not detect any helpful user remarks that could assist in appraising the real–live trading performance of the KonstantinFX Turtle.



The subscription cost of the KonstantinFX Turtle is $188 per month.



Although other signal services boast superior expectancy values, the KonstantinFX Turtle still exhibits a set of key parameters that comply with its promotional hype and offer a potential profitable option, albeit with a conservative slant. As such, you may decide to invest additional time in order to verify the above figures. You can perform this task by simply following our recommended course of action.

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