Top Options
80/ 100
Regulated: Regulated by the the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK
Min Deposit: $250
US Clients:
Bonus: N/A
Leverage: 500:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4, Mobile and Tablet
Types of assets: Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities, CFDs
Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time
Credit Card 8-10% 3-4 days
Debit card 1-5% 4-5 days
Fast Bank Transfer 1.5% 2-3 days
Neteller None 1-2 days
Skrill one 3-4 days

Full Review

About London Capital Group

London Capital Group (LCG) is the user trading name by London Capital Group Ltd. The organization is regulated by FCA in the UK and is constantly listed among the top performing financial services company. London Capital Group is popularly known for its unique features that promote its position as a market leader in online trading.

Some of the most traded assets at London Capital include precious metals, oil, FX majors as well as Soft commodities. London Capital Group is one of the oldest financial services providers having been founded in 1996. The company is headquartered in London.

Recent surveys have placed London Capital Group on the top list for spread betting and as a CFD provider. The organization has been ranked second by investment trends and continues to increase in popularity on the same.

Account Types

LCG supports two major types of accounts that traders can use to buy and sell through the platform. Neither of these accounts requires any minimum deposits to get the user started. There are over 4,000 instruments accessible through the spread betting account at London Capital Group. The account provides an end to end trading on forex, indices, shares, and commodities.

All instruments allow users to access tight spreads worldwide. The CFD account has remained popular through its capacity to allow traders to access a wide range of CFDs with tight spreads such as the EUR/USD, UK100, and Brent Crude among others. Both accounts support the demo training version of the account where traders can learn more about London Capital Group within 30 days.

LCG Forex Trading Services

London Capital Group offers online forex trading services in all commonly traded currency pairs including majors, crosses and exotics etc. LCG is a No Dealing Desk (NDD) broker, offering true Electronic Communications Network (ECN) trading experience to all its clients. In contrast to NDD brokers, ECN forex brokers forward all positions to liquidity providers. LCG ensures maximum liquidity during high volatile trading hours which consequently results in high-speed trade execution and minimum slippage.

In addition, LCG does not charge any mark up in spreads. Clients of London Capital Group gets the same spreads as offered by the liquidity providers. Being a true ECN broker, LCG makes money by charging some commission on every trade. The amount of commission varies depending on the volume traded on monthly basis. Given below are details about commission charges for different volume ranges;

• $30 commission per side of every standard lot if monthly trading volume ranges from $0 to $100 million

• $21 commission per side of every standard lot if monthly trading volume ranges from $100 million to $400 million

• $15 commission per side of every standard lot if monthly trading volume ranges from $400 million to $1 billion

• $12 commission per side of every standard lot if monthly trading volume ranges from $1 billion to $2 billion

• $7.5 commission per side of every standard lot if monthly trading volume exceeds $2 billion

All trades are subject to $1.5 minimum commission charges. The amount of commission may seem a bit higher but this is how an ECN broker works. That’s a very reasonable commission for genuine ECN trade experience.

Trading Platforms

London Capital Group has maintained simplified trading technology by enabling two easy to use full featured platforms: MT4 remains a popular trading platform among financial institutions and London Capital Group is still ahead on the same. The powerful state of the art charting tools, indicators and algorithmic functions by MT4 have been attributed to its unrivaled success.

While most experts review this platform as a special fit for experienced users, its also comes in handy among industry entry traders. The platform boasts comprehensive drawing tools and indicators, easy to use interface, support for algorithmic functions as well as desktop and mobile support technology.

The second type of trading platform Capital Group is LCG Trader. This platform draws its name from London Capital Groups initials (LCG) and is mostly defined as next gen based web trading platform by the company.

The platform has the capability of handling thousands of tradable instruments without any slowdowns. The platform supports forex trading, indices, spot metals, futures, bonds and interests. All features accessible on MT4 are also supported here with a few advanced tools added to make LCG Trader the companys top trading platform.

Trading Instruments (Assets), Leverage, Spreads and Margins

London Capital Group has continued to provide transparent trading among its users. Traders can buy or sell up to 39 different currency pairs, 12 indices and 15 commodities.

There are no hidden fees on spreads and customers have the privilege of accessing a welcome bonus that can go as high as 10%. The spread margins range from 0.6 pips with leverage varying at the ratios of 300:1, indices 40:1 and commodities 50:1.

Trading Tools and Resources

London Capital Group offers users a way to navigate and find their way through the platform. For instance, the platforms demo account is a suitable starting point for users who may be interested in using the platform to trade and are unaware on where to start. The academic section is also a full of reading materials.

There are webinars, video tutorials and ebooks that can get any category of traders started with the platform. There are also trading tools and advanced charting tools that have proved resourceful as well as incomparable market analysis tools.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are a few ways in which users can deposit or withdraw earned funds from their London Capital Group accounts. Visa, MasterCard, Credit Cards, Debit Cards among other funds depositing methods are all supported.

The most commonly used technique has however been associated with Wire Transfers with all deposits carried out inform of USD, GBP and EUR. There are no minimum deposits on any London Capital Group accounts but on the course of this review we realized that all minimum trades are determined by the assets chosen.

The lot size and leverage are also instrumental on deciding on the amount of money to deposit. All withdrawals are approved and processed within a day, a factor that has placed London Capital Group among the best on withdrawals.

The first processing of funds to a bank of your choice will also compel you to submit critical information about your physical address among other contact details with an aim of verifying your account.

Contacts and Support

Phone:+44 (0) 207 456 7020

Operating: Open Sunday 22:00 (GMT) Close Friday 22:00 (GMT)

Location: London Capital Group

1 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom, SW1X 7LX

Email: [email protected]