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The firm supplying this service promotes it by first defining the virtues of Forex managed accounts. Specifically, the developers advise that such products are attractive to both investors looking to diverse their portfolios using alternative investment strategies as well as traders seeking consistent profits at reduced risk exposure.

They further explained that Forex managed accounts can provide you with better-than-average returns without you expending significant amounts of your time researching and mastering the complexities of the currency markets. As such, if you have a busy daily schedule or discover that trading Forex is excessively stressful then such a service could be your ideal solution.

Very importantly, you need to realize that a provider of this type of service can only trade your account but is not able to withdraw or deposit any funds. Only you will retain those important rights. In addition, you will always enjoy full transparency as you will always be able to access your account at any time. Consequently, you will be able to readily verify the status of active positions as well as watching your equity increase.

Specifically, once you enroll with, you will be allocated a professional Forex trader who will then serve as your account manager. This experienced consultant will then trade your account on your behalf by performing actions, such as opening and closing positions; setting stop-losses and profit-targets and identifying optimum entry positions exhibiting maximum profit potential, etc. As such, you will not be involved in the trading process at all.


Managed Forex Programs offered by

This renowned broker promotes only services that are backed by well-proven forex strategies which have historic track records of generating consistent and conservative returns. Specifically, as this firm aims to produce steady growth over an extensive time period, it has developed the amenities enabling it to capture impressive returns on a consistent basis. You will need to invest a minimum of $5,000 in order to participate.


Advantages of Managed by

–      All transactions will be fully transparent

–      All consultants have significant Forex experience

–      Modest initial deposit needed

– is a well-known and regulated Forex broker

–      Supplies daily and monthly detailed performance reports

–      Ensures maximum protection for your equity as a top priority

–      Withdraw funds at your discretion

–      Only you can withdraw and deposit funds

–      Backed by world-class customer service

–      A dedicated account manager will oversee all operations

–      Allows you to diversify your investment portfolio into a new market

–      Your risk exposure is controlled for every position activated

– operates by adhering to a strict code of conduct

–      Guarantees full privacy and confidentiality

–      Fully commitment to achieving your success. has a strict policy of only recruiting investment managers who have explicitly demonstrated a history of generating solid returns from trading the currency markets. Each one must possess the skills and experience to create consistent profits within the complex Forex environment.  At present, this company only supports one managed account although more are currently under review.

All trading operations undertaken by the experienced staff of must strictly adhere to its code of conduct. This means that you can always be considered as a valued client of this company. Consequently, you can expect to receive a high-quality serviced aimed at producing consistent profit streams over an extensive period of time. The prime mission of this company is to ensure that your invested money works as hard as possible for you by producing the best returns.


About Managed by

This enterprise consists of a team of trading experts that possess significant levels of skill, knowledge and experience at trading the currency markets. The major objective of this firm is to successfully provide Forex managed account services to the general public as well as to professional bodies by creating consistent profit growth albeit at minimum risk exposure.  The consultancy team contains substantial years of real Forex experience and has built established connections with many leading investment brokers and companies. This massive resource is used to support a reliable, proven and trustworthy service. has an active policy of always seeking new top-class managers to augment its teams by constantly evaluating the performances of many well-known Forex traders. By recruiting such individuals, the company plans to enhance and expand its managed Forex account services in order to service its ever-increasing database of clients. Specifically, by adopting such an approach, this firm intends to acquire the loyalty and trust of present and new customers by offering a range of exciting benefits, as listed above.


Performance Tests

This service does appear initially very appealing because is unquestionably a well-known and revered Forex broker. In addition, the list of benefits presented above is definitely very attractive. However, how does the Forex managed service offer by this company function when it is introduced to the ravages of real live trading conditions? Experiments were instigated with the prime intent of answering this vital question. The results of these tests are listed in the following table.



Key Parameters

Can the data supplied in the above table now be applied to assess the trading performance of this Forex managed service? Yes is the answer as the average values have been utilized to calculate the following major performance parameters.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 70%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.47

3.       Expectancy Value = $0.50

These resultant figures infer that Managed by is capable of generating a return of $0.50 for each $1 placed at risk over an extended time frame.


User Comments

An internet search did not reveal any useful user statements capable of ratifying this service or otherwise



You will need to contact this company to obtain a quote for its monthly performance fee because it is not clearly visible on its web-site.



The performance figures listed above are very disappointing considering the revered status that holds within the Forex business. If an expectancy value is confirmed of just $0.50 then this result is just not large enough to provide your trading capital with enough defense during periods of high volatility and other erratic trading conditions.

As such, you should expand your research by assessing other Forex software products, especially those boasting superior performance parameters. If you implement our recommended course of action then this is one of the easiest methods of readily achieving this goal.

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