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Regulated: Regulated by CySEC
Min Deposit: $25
Min Trade Amount: 0.01 Lots
US Clients:
Bonus: 20% Welcome Bonus!
Leverage: 500:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MICTrader4, MICTrader4 Mobile, Currenex
Types of assets: 51 Forex Pairs
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About Mayzus

Mayzus is a forex brokerage brand that belongs to MAYZUS Investment Company Ltd. (formerly known as United World Capital Ltd). The firm is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number HE230122 and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 093/08.


Special Offers and Bonuses

Several bonuses are awarded on the Mayzus platform. In addition, there are several contests that traders can feature in. These are listed below:

a)    Bonuses

New trades to the Mayzus platform are awarded a 20% account opening bonus. The maximum 20% bonus that can be awarded is $1500 per client, and this bonus cannot be combined with any other promotions offered by Mayzus Investment Company.

There is also an 80% bonus on any deposit with no daily limits, which can be obtained by opening a live STP or REALForex account and depositing funds in it through the Client Cabinet on Mayzus. This bonus is a trading bonus.

The maximum bonus in each case cannot exceed $5000.

There is also a Cash Back program which gives trades rebates for increased trade volumes. Rebates start from $2 to $10 per trade for trade volumes ranging from 5 lots to >500 lots.

Another bonus offer which traders can obtain from Mayzus is the STP Promo, in which traders who want to trade under STP conditions but do not have the necessary finance, can open an STP account with a $250 minimum deposit, increased leverage and decreased trade size.

b)    Contests

The Forex Demo Championship is a trading contest which pays $1,000, $800 and $500 to the 1st 2nd and 3rd placed traders in this contest. Each participant is given a free demo account with an initial $50,000 virtual deposit, and traders attempt to end the week with the highest trading balance. An additional $100 is paid to the participant who has traded the largest number of lots.


Types of Trading Accounts

There are different types of trading accounts to choose from on Mayzus. These accounts can be divided into the MT4 accounts and the Currenex (STP) accounts.

  1. MT4 Accounts

The following are MT4 account types:

a)    REALForex: The minimum deposit is $25, with a leverage of 500:1 and a minimum trade volume of 0.01 lots. Traders can use hedging and scalping strategies, as well as EAs on this account type.

b)    STP PROMO Account: This account comes with a min. deposit of $250 and a maximum leverage of 300:1. Traders can trade 48 forex pairs, metals, indices and crude oil, and have NDD/STP style market execution. The min. trade volume is 0.01 lots, and traders get 5-digits decimal pricing.

  1. Currenex Accounts

The Currenex accounts are based on the Currenex platforms: Classic and Viking. Both accounts have a min. deposit requirement of 5000 USD, with a maximum leverage of 100:1. Traders have access to 51 forex pairs, with NDD/STP market execution. The minimum trade volume is 0.1 lots, and traders can get 5-digit decimal pricing. Hedging and scalping strategies are not permitted.


Trading Platform Features

The platform solutions that are available for use on Mayzus are listed below:

a)    MICTrader 4 (MT4) Platform: The MICTrader4 is the Mayzus version of the MT4 platform, which gives traders the opportunity to trade the Real Forex and STP Promo accounts.

b)    MICTrader Multi-Terminal: This is the MT4 multiple terminal platform that is used by account managers and those who trade multiple accounts at the same time.

c)     Currenex Platforms: This is based on the award-winning platforms produced by Currenex, which allows traders to practice trading under non dealing desk conditions.

d)    Mobile Platforms: The MIC Atrader and MIC Itrader are the mobile platforms for the Android devices and iPhones respectively. The MICTrader 4 Mobile is the mobile platform for Windows-based phones such as the Nokia Lumia.


Commissions and Spreads

The spreads available for trading on the account types are as follows:

Symbol1 Min spread4 Av.Spread4
EURUSD 1.4 1.8
GBPUSD 1.6 2.6
USDCHF 1 2.5
USDJPY 1.6 2.2
AUDUSD 1.6 2.4
USDCAD 1.6 2.4
NZDUSD 1.2 3
EURCHF 1.6 3
EURGBP 1.6 2.6
EURJPY 1.8 2.7
GBPJPY 2.2 3.3
GBPCAD 3.5 4.2
CHFJPY 3.9 4.4
CADCHF 2.3 3.1
NZDCAD 3 4.2
CADJPY 2.3 3.3
AUDJPY 2.2 3
EURCAD 1.3 4.2
EURAUD 3 4.2
EURNZD 4 6.5
GBPCHF 3.4 5
GBPAUD 5.2 6.5
NZDCHF 4.5 5.2
NZDJPY 4.2 4.9
AUDCAD 4 4.4
AUDCHF 3.5 4.2
AUDNZD 5 6.5
NOKSEK 3 3.5
NZDSGD 3.5 7
EURMXN 63 90
GBPHUF 27 35
GBPMXN 30 90
USDHKD 2.7 4
USDSGD 1.6 3.5
USDRUB 65 80
EURRUB 920 1000
USDCNH 1.3 2
EURCZK 10 25
EURTRY 13 22
GBPPLN 15 20
EURSGD 1.9 4
EURZAR 45 70
GBPZAR 18 70
GBPCZK 13 20
GBPDKK 12.5 18
USDDKK 3.5 7
EURPLN 16 30
USDTRY 1.5 10
GBPNOK 20 23
GBPSEK 45 53
GBPHKD 12.5 17
USDCZK 16 20
USDMXN 17 40
USDNOK 13 30
USDSEK 16 35
XAUUSD 2 4.5

Charting Packages

Charts and charting tools are as found on the MT4 trading platform and the Currenex platforms. The platforms also feature integration with MyFxBook Social Trading.

A charting plug-in is also available from the Mayzus team. This chart is web-based and is available on the website.


Education and Demo Accounts

Traders can get access to a free and unlimited MT4 demo account. In terms of forex education on Swissquote, the material available is suited for a more intermediate to advanced trader class. There are squawk boxes from CNBC and Phoenix TV (China), daily and weekly forex analysis as well as analysis by the Swissquote research team.

Each platform type also provides traders with the opportunity to trade a free and unlimited virtual account.


Customer Service

The customer service desk at Mayzus can be contacted through the following means:

  • Phone: +41 44 825 88 88; +357-25-750-555
  • Fax: +41 44 825 88 89
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: This is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Traders can also request a Call Back.

Physical Address:

MAYZUS INVESTMENT COMPANY 22 Griva Digeni Avenue, Sergides Court, 3106 Neapoli Limassol, Cyprus. Regional offices are also present in Canada, Nigeria, China, Czech Republic and Russia.


Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits can only be made on Mayzus through credit cards, e-payment methods and bank wire transactions.

a)    Credit card: The only acceptable cards are those of VISA, Maestro and MasterCard. The Swiss Bankers Travel debit card can be used to withdraw funds from a Mayzus account. Transactions can be performed using the currency majors. The UWC Quick Card is used for withdrawals only. Deposits are instant but withdrawals may take 3 to 10 business days.

b)    Bank wire: Wire transfer instructions have to be obtained from the customer service desk. Deposits take between 2 and 3 business days.

c)     E-payments: The various e-payment methods are those from Skrill, OKPay, Neteller, Webmoney and Qiwi. Withdrawals are done in a maximum of 4 hours while deposits are instant.

d)    Local Cash Transfers: This is done using CONTACT and Money Polo, two local transfer companies.

e)    Mayzus Agents: It is also possible to use local representatives of Mayzus in selected countries.


Deposit Limits

The deposit limits are as stipulated for the various account types. Deposits via credit or debit cards will only be accepted by Mayzus if the name on the account matches the name on the credit card.


Withdrawal Limits

There are no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits.



Mayzus is a good company to use for those looking for a mix of market maker and STP models of trading. There is a good range of platforms to choose from and the number of contests/promotions is also encouraging. Traders should find Mayzus a very interesting company to use for their forex trading services.