Minimum Deposit Spread Betting Accounts

It does not seem too long ago that you had to deposit a sizeable amount of money with a spread betting broker before you could even think about starting to place any bets. Nothing could be further from the truth these days at is possible to make a small deposit with your debit or credit card and start trading straight away though.

One thing to bear in mind though is that it is all very well being able to make a small deposit into your account but you won’t be able to make a trade unless you have covered the margin requirements. Even though these margin requirements are often on the generous side, especially if betting with some of the smaller brokers out there, there is nothing worse than spotting a trading opportunity and then realizing that you don’t have the funds in place to cover the bet.

List of Spread Betting Firms with No Minimum Deposits 2014:

no deposit spread – There is no minimum deposit in place with As with all of these brokers though, take the time to look at the website where there is a table of the margin requirements and make sure that you are adequately covered. also don’t have minimum deposits in place but they go to great lengths within their extensive education recourses to explain why it is false economy to make a small deposit and that the last thing that any trader wants is that dreaded ‘margin call’ from their broker. – No minimum deposit at You usually find that once one broker puts something like this in motion, the rest will follow for fear of losing potential clients. All it usually takes though is for one of the big boys to change their mind and the rest will usually follow suit. – No minimum deposit required by – The client support at said that there is not a minimum deposit but clients are always told of the pitfall of only depositing a small amount. has a really informative section on their website regarding margins and it is very straightforward for their clients to see why it is often false economy to make a small deposit.

Capital Spreads – No minimum deposit required.

It would seem then that even though it is possible to deposit a small amount into your financial spread betting account, it would be prudent to first work out the margin requirement and then adjust the size of the deposit accordingly.


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