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Welcome to our MT4 tutorials for new traders. This course is designed to show you how to get started with your MT4 platform, set up your charts and complete complex tasks such as installing new indicators/lines, expert advisors and saving a profile.

What will you learn?

  • How to download MT4 platform to your desktop with a demo account
  • How to set up your charts and profile
  • How to open and close trades using Metratrader 4
  • How to save and add chart templates


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
MT4 Tutorials 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction to the MT4 Platform
Unit 1 How to Download the MT4 Platform 7:51 Free  
Unit 2 How to Set up your Charts and Load Profiles on the MT4 Platform 8:35 Free  
Unit 3 Opening and Closing Trades on MT4 8:59 Free  
Unit 4 Formatting Chart Appearances on the MT4 Platform 9:10 Free  
Module 2 Platform Tools
Unit 1 How to Add Indicators and Trendlines on MT4 11:19 Free  
Unit 2 How to Add Chart Templates on MT4 7:33 Free  
Unit 3 How to Add Price Alerts on the MT4 Platform 12:21 Free  
Unit 4 How to Download and Add Custom Indicators from MQL5 on the MT4 Platform 10:07 Free  
Module 3 Tips and Tricks
Unit 1 How to Use the MT4 Strategy Backtester Free  
Unit 2 How to Use the Fast Navigation Box on the MT4 Platform 3:43 Free  
Unit 3 How to use Hotkeys on the MT4 Platform 8:25 Free  
Unit 4 How to Install our PRO Indicators on your MT4 Platform  

About the MT4 Tutorials Course

The MT4 is the world´s most used forex trading platform and quite frankly is one of the most complete out there. Most traders out there only use to execute their orders and for some basic chart analysis but they are completely unaware of all the features this platform has to make your trading much more uncomplicated reliable and fast. You check our our list forex brokers or you can find a list of all MT4 brokers we have reviewed for more options when picking a broker to trade with.

This course was developed for all types of traders. This means that you don´t need any basic knowledge in mql4 coding or advanced system development to understand the concepts explained here. As traders understanding the tools we use to execute our ideas is key, mostly because this tool is showing us price oscillations in real time which we use to make money.


  • Are there any prerequisites to this course?

Absolutely not. This course is about the technology you will use to execute orders and how to make the best out of it. This course is aimed at making your MT4 learning experience nonexistent because we will explain everything to you: from how to download and install the platform to how to add and use proprietary indicators on your charts.

  • Why is it important to know this?

The importance of fully understanding your trading platform cannot be overstated. As traders this is the tool we use to profit, to make money. If we don´t understand how to utilize it at full capacity we are starting out limping in the first place.

There´s some traders out there that only use this platform for data and they execute with their brokers. But even they have to take these lessons seriously in order to advance in their trading careers.


  • Why is the MT4 platform so popular?

This platform is so popular with forex traders because it´s reliable, free and open sourced. This means that not only you can use it to trade demo and live for free but also you can backtest on it, find it available for any broker you can think of and because it´s open sourced you can look and find for literally any indicator you can imagine.

In this course we will not teach you how to code those indicators in mql4 because let´s face it, we are traders not coders. Bu we will show you where to look for them, how to add them to your platforms and how to drag and drop them to your charts.

  • Will these lessons be useful for any type of meta trader software?

No, these lessons are specific for mt4 users. MT5 users can also learn the basics here but sometimes the process might from version to version. We recommend sticking with the MT4 if you are going to be using any meta quote product. The reason is because the MT5 platform is a little more heavy and confusing if you come from an MT4 background; which we all do.

  • Are we going to learn about the mobile platform?

The mobile app for MT4 has practically the same feature and functions that the desktop platform but we will not be teaching how to trade out of it because we believe that if you are serious about your trading you are going to be using a full desk setup t trade. You can use the mobile app to monitor open positions at off hours but you will always execute through the desktop platform.

mt4 mobile

  • About indicators and systems

Beginner traders that struggle with how to add or how to change its parameters should definitely take this course. In fact, any person who is just starting should go through it.

The course is produced so you understand what this platform offers you. Not only you are able to see price fluctuations, add indicators and trade signals but within the platform you can create systems and back test them to see how profitable they are.

In conclusion, this course will help you jumpstart your trading career on the right foot. We will go through everything you need to know about the platform before even taking one single trade.


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