Multitrader Taiji Review (Forex Signals)

About MultiTrader Taji Forex Signals


The company behind this signal service specializes in introducing investors to acknowledged Forex consultants possessing proven records of generating real money profits.

In addition, the other prime missions of Multitrader are to develop software products for firms operating within the financial and investment business sectors. All automated solutions are thoroughly tested to validate their ability to generate serious consistent profit streams. These products are subsequently monitored continuously by the firm’s team of professional consultants in order to identify any modifications or enhancements.

Multitrader creates high quality Forex signals possessing optimum profit potential by utilizing a series of well-proven strategies. Subscribers can then receive these alerts manually or automatically by installing a trade copier expert advisor onto their MetaTrader 4 platforms. As such, you can then benefit from the skills of experienced Forex experts who will monitor and trade the currency markets automatically on your behalf. As you will not be involved in this process at all, you can simply sit back and watch your equity grow. You do not need to have any prior Forex skill or knowledge to benefit from this service.

This company ensures that its signal services are based on state-of-the-art technology enabling Forex trading data to be transmitted within milliseconds between its master accounts and your own. As all slippage and latency problems are specifically minimized, you are presented with the utmost opportunity to earn a continuous stream of profits by subscribing to this company’s products and services. In particular, the signals provided contain key information to activate new positions by supplying entry, close, stop-loss and profit-target details, etc.

Multitrader has enhanced its range of products even further by forming a partnership with Axiory. For example, all signals are now sent via the liquidity facilities of Axiory which provide an even faster high-speed connection between master and client accounts. Business clients also benefit from this partnership because they have access to Axiory free extensive marketing experience and amenities enabling them to focus more exclusively on their own businesses. In particular, Axiory possesses an extensive database of global clients, partners and support consultants.

The strategies utilized to create the signals must successfully pass a thorough and comprehensive testing phase by providing at least six months of third-party verifiable proof using a live account which clearly demonstrates that they really can generate real money profits. In addition, the firm’s team of Forex experts then fully verifies these figures by producing reports containing a full description of the strategy together with pertinent risk and money management factors. If the strategies do not comply with stringent criteria then they will be automatically rejected by the company’s analysts.

By subscribing to the services offered by Multitrader, you will gain immediate access to a user-friendly trading environment which will allow you to monitor your active trades even without using your own MetaTrader 4 platform. For example, you will be able to perform the following actions:

–      Study and analyze the performance of your account using sophisticated but easy-to-understand trading charts.

–      Validate the results of all your trades

–      Withdraw funds efficiently and speedily

–      Select and deactivate strategies whenever the need arises

You can also trade the currency markets with confidence knowing that your equity will be well-protected. To achieve this objective, Multitrader has designed a facility called CapitalGuard with the specific intent of safeguarding clients’ account balances from margin calls and excessive drawdowns. In particular, this tool prevents the value of available equity from declining beneath a specific level which is determined using the chosen risk profile of the user. If such circumstances do occur then all your active positions will be automatically closed and the signal service suspended in order to prevent you suffering additional losses.

If you are already a successful Forex trader boosting a solid performance of consistent profits, then you can benefit by joining forces with Multitrader. Essentially, you can utilize this firm’s trade copier expert advisors to transmit your signals to a wide-reach of clients. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can create your own signal service by avoiding the costs of designing your own software. Full details of this business opportunity are presented on the firm’s website. This service offers the following benefits:

–      Free marketing

–      Access to a database of global clients

–      Usage of trade coping expert advisors which function equally well with any Forex broker

–      Receive performance fees in accordance with the success of your Forex strategies

Performance Tests

Superficially, the promotional hype supporting this service projects a highly sophisticated company that appears to be well versed in the techniques of successfully trading the currency markets. How well do these claims stand up when subjected to the drama of real-live trading? To answer these questions, a series of comprehensive tests were performed and the collected results are displayed in the next table.



Key Parameters

The next important stage in the proceedings was to devise a reliable methodology that could evaluate just how successful the Multitrader signal service was at truly generating real money profits. This objective was accomplished by deriving the following major performance parameters using the average values presented on the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 85%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.13

3.       Expectancy Value = -$13.30

These resultant values imply that the Multitrader – Taiji will cost you $13.30 for every single US Dollar that you speculate on the currency markets over the long term.


User Comments

An internet investigation did not discover any useful user remarks that could assist in appraising this signal service.



A 20 day free trial period is supported by the service. However, you will need to contact the firm directly in order to discover its subscription fees as they are not clearly evident on its website.



The performance parameters calculated for this signal service are, with doubt, not very impressive. In fact, they are particularly worrisome as you stand to lose a significant portion of any investment you make very quickly.

As such, you are well-advised to investigate other Forex software products that offer better prospects for securing profits on a consistent basis. You can easily achieve this goal by utilizing our recommended path forward.

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