News Trading Course

News Trading Course

How to Trade the News and Economic Events

trading the newsWelcome to our News Trading course. This course has been produced by a professional forex and futures trader and it´s designed to teach you how to profitably trade news releases.

What will you learn?

  • How to use the Economic Calendar
  • Which News Events to Trade with Forex
  • Strategies for Trading Major News Events including the NFP, CPI, GDP and more
  • How Different News Events Impacts Prices
  • Profit from Volatile Markets Immediately after News Releases


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
News Trading Course 0% n/a
Module 1 The Economic Calendar
Unit 1 How to Read the Economic Calendar 9:29 Free  
Unit 2 High Impact vs Low Impact Events 7:37 Free  
Unit 3 What News Events Should You Trade Forex On? 7:15 Free  
Unit 4 What Currency Pairs to Focus on 7:45 Free  
Unit 5 Definition of Trading the News 7:42 Free  
Unit 6 How News Events Impact different Forex Pairs 6:32 Free  
Module 2 What not to do
Unit 1 Why You Shouldn't Front Run the News 6:19 Free  
Unit 2 Never Trade during Speeches 4:26 Free  
Unit 3 Avoid Chasing the News when Trading 4:45 Free  
Module 3 Recommended News Events You can Trade
Unit 1 Nonfarm Payroll Definition 6:34 Free  
Unit 2 Unemployment Numbers Definition 5:03 Free  
Unit 3 Interest Rates Definition 6:18 Free  
Unit 4 GDP Definition Free  
Unit 5 Trade Balance Definition 5:59 Free  
Unit 6 CPI (Consumer Price Index) Explained 4:56 Free  
Unit 7 ISM (Institute of Supply Managers Index) Definition 3:56 Free  
Unit 8 Retail Sales Definition 4:27 Free  
Unit 9 Crude Oil Inventory Definition 4:45 Free  
Module 4 Technical Setups for Trading the News
Unit 1 Trading Consolidation Setups 7:51 Pro  
Unit 2 Trade Setups for Corrections 7:37 Pro  
Unit 3 Trading Breakouts with the News 11:52 Pro  
Module 5 How to Trade the News
Unit 1 How to Trade the NFP 11:42 Pro  
Unit 2 How to Trade the GDP 6:24 Pro  
Unit 3 How to Trade Interest Rates 12:02 Pro  
Unit 4 How to Trade the CPI 10:13 Pro  
Unit 5 How to Trade the Trade Balance 9:35 Pro  
Unit 6 How to Trade Unemployment Numbers 7:26 Pro  
Unit 7 How to Trade Retail Sales Pro  
Unit 8 How to Trade the ISM Index 8:19 Pro  
Unit 9 How to Trade Crude Oil Inventories 8:13 Pro  


About our News Trading Course:

What will you learn?

Every time a novice trader asks about trading news releases he or she gets told to stay away; the market gets to volatile, you will always get stopped out, etc…

This course is meant to unveil the truth when it comes to trading this volatile environments; it can be done and it´s actually quite profitable. Understanding what the data means is key when it comes to entering the markets. Without knowing how to interpret the numbers you will never know if you should buy or sell. This course will introduce you to what every one of these percentages mean, how they impact a currency and how the market will react to it.

Furthermore, you will learn all the necessary setups and how to trade each one of them.

Are there any prerequisites to this course?

A background in economics is helpful but not necessary. This course was created to fit the mind and understanding of the novice trader. You will be taken from how to read the economic calendar to what an increase in consumer spending means for the economy and how it will affect the currency of the country.

After knowing this, it is just a matter of understanding basic price action. If you don´t know what price action is you might want to check our price action trading course and scalping course. Since we are aiming at very short term profits a knowledge in scaling is desirable, but again, not necessary. This course will teach you the necessary steps you will need to take to become an excellent news trader.

We will teach you all the setups you will look for before and after the data release.

How profitable is trading the news?

Trading the news can be extremely profitable. In fact most bank traders only trade news releases when they are day trading and stay away from technical analysis for short term positions.

The reason is because high impact event are in the eyes of almost every single trader in the world and once the news is released they all step in and buy or sell a financial instrument that is being impacted from the data. This causes a big wave of volume to come in and make for a very volatile environment.

When we have a volatile environment we have big price moves and there is where the money is made. Sometimes during very big events we will see the market move hundreds of pips up and down giving us opportunities to buy and sell within minutes on a move that would have taken days to form.

Is it too dangerous to trade these volatile environments?

It has its risks but here at we believe that with a good background education and most importantly a strict set of rules and the discipline to follow them, the rewards are very much worth the risk.

Trading the financial markets is always risky but when you understand what drives price movements you get an edge over it and your risk shrinks making you a profitable trader in the long run.

Is news trading only short term focused?

Mostly yes. And the reason is that we are hunting for volatility and momentum like 90% of traders that were waiting for the data release. Once those traders take profits or get stopped out their volume is gone and the market will dry out.

Holding positions during illiquid times can be very dangerous even with stops placed because we will get horrible fills on our orders. This is why this course is focused on trading the news for immediate profits.

How long will it take me to be a profitable news trader?

Not very long but, as everything in trading, it takes practice and a little bit of time to get there. This course will speed this process up by teaching you every aspect of the important event to look for and to trade and also which currency pairs to trade them with.

After going through his course you should take a demo account and practice a few weeks the lessons you have learned. It´s always important to go back to them and rewatch them if you think you are having some troubles being profitable.

Remember that this course is filled with ¨on chart¨ examples of what to do, what to look for and where to exit.

Can I mix news trading with my overall technical analysis system?

Definitely. In trading it is never one way or the other. In fact, it´s better to diversify your entry methods and approaches because it´ll give you an extra edge to be profitable in the long run.

For example, the trader that created this course is a daytrader with a very specific technical approach and system he has worked on for many years. But when an important event is on the horizon he will profit form the opportunity and trade it using the methodologies explained in his course.

It´s a number´s gam; the more methods you have and the more diverse you are, the greater the edge you’ll have.

Can I be a professional trader only focusing on news trading?

Yes, but it can be very uncomfortable for new trader. The reason is patience. Remember that news traders only trade around data releases and when there is nothing going on in the markets they will not trade at all. This means that you will be making fewer trades than a normal scalper or daytrader so you will need a bigger account to become a professional.

It can be done however and our recommendation is to use this knowledge and incorporate it in your daily sessions.


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