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Ninja Trader is one of the most complete platforms in the world. This platform was conceived and designed for futures and forex trading mainly but Ninja can also be connected to some stock brokers.

This course was developed for traders that want to push their trading business to another level and need the tools to do so.

What will you learn?

  • How to download and install NinjaTrader
  • How to set up your charts
  • How to place trades through NinjaTrader
  • Using SuperDOM and advanced features


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
NinjaTrader 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction to NinjaTrader
Unit 1 How to Install NinjaTrader 4:26 Free  
Unit 2 How to Connect NinjaTrader to Your Broker 5:13 Free  
Unit 3 The NinjaTrader Control Center  
Unit 4 How to Create a Workspace on NinjaTrader 7:15 Free  
Unit 5 Introduction to the Hot Key Manager 4:21 Free  
Unit 6 How to Use the Session Manager 6:42 Free  
Module 2 Charting
Unit 1 Adding Indicators to NinjaTrader 6:32 Free  
Unit 2 Changing the Horizontal and Vertical Scale 3:40 Free  
Unit 3 Adding and Changing Data Series 5:28 Free  
Unit 4 How to Use the Data Box 6:40 Free  
Unit 5 How to use Chart Trader (OCOs) 5:33 Free  
Module 3 SuperDOM Overview
Unit 1 How to use the Price Ladder Display 3:51 Free  
Unit 2 How to Modify Orders on the Order Display 3:38 Free  
Unit 3 How to use Consolidated Orders 3:26 Free  
Unit 4 Submitting Orders using SuperDom 7:18 Free  
Unit 5 Quick Order Submissions with SuperDom 3:02 Free  
Unit 6 How to use Action Buttons 4:11 Free  
Unit 7 Static vs Dynamic Price Ladder Display 3:31 Free  
Module 4 SuperDOM Interactive
Unit 1 Submitting a Custom ATM Strategy 6:01 Free  
Unit 2 Submitting a Multi Target ATM Strategy 4:08 Free  
Unit 3 How to use a Trailing Stop-Loss 5:06 Free  
Unit 4 How to Place OCO Orders 5:08 Free  
Module 5 Times and Sales
Unit 1 Time and Sales Window vs SuperDOM 4:09 Free  
Unit 2 Using Time and Sales Display to Improve Your Decisions 7:39 Free  
Module 6 Market Analyzer
There are no units in this module.

About the NinjaTrader Tutorials

This platform has the most advanced tools for you to take action in the financial markets, smart order routes, depth of market and exclave proprietary indicators.

With the possibility of trading with advanced trading strategies, Ninja Trader gives you the tool to enter orders with predetermined risk to reward parameters, i.e., predetermined risk (in pips or ticks) and predetermined take profit levels (also in pips or ticks). ATM Strategies are great because they allow you to think less about your trades thus not making the mistake of closing them too early or getting out while in red just to see price move in your favor afterwards.

ATM Orders

Are there any prerequisites to this course?

Absolutely not. This is a technical course that will take you from the most basic features in Ninja to the most advanced tools inside the platform. There is no need for previous experience with trading platforms to go through this course because it´s not a trading strategy lesson, it´s the most complete tutorial on ninja Trader you will find.

Why would I want to change platforms?

Ninja Trader can be used by beginner traders but because of its advanced tools it´s aimed towards intermediate to advanced traders that have found their current platform has topped its performance and their trading business demands more to from it. Ninja offers information through its proprietary tools that traders need on a day to day basis to make better and more efficient decisions, thus being more profitable in the long run.

Static vs Dynamic price ladder display

Is Ninja Trader a popular platform?

The short answer is yes. Ninja Trader is one of the most utilized platforms by professional traders. The main reasons are because it´s very affordable and it has an unimaginable potential for customization.

Ninja is starting to be more and more popular amongst beginner and intermediate traders because this platform gives you the extra edge you need to beat the markets and have a better return on your investment in the long run.

Why is Ninja Trader´s charting software better?

Ninja Trader´s state of the art charting will give you more than enough possibilities for you to visualize price action in a chart. Ninja also offers the ability to view multiple charting intervals and multiple instruments within a single charting window.

How much does Ninja trader cost?

Ninja Trader can be pourchased with a lifetime license for only $995.00 or it can be leased on a monthly basis for as low as $50.00

We highly encourage traders to in transition to start using a demo with Ninja for a few weeks until they fully understand how it operates. It´s important to understand that it will take you a while to fully adapt your trading to a enw platform but once you get there you will see your ROI move up a couple of points.

Can I get proprietary indicators developed on Ninja Trader?

Yes you can. NinjaScript is NinjaTrader’s proprietary, C#-based programming language. Although this tutorial doesn´t cover programming, users can create indicators and trading strategies using NinjaScript. For those who are not prominent in programming, you can always visit the ninja trader support forum and post your requirements on the indicator development subforum for it to be developed or just simply browse through it to see if the indicator or strategy you required has already been developed

Ninja Trader indicator development subforum

Does Ninja Trader have an app for iPhone and/or Android?

No, Ninja Trader does not have an app for mobile devices. All Ninja Trader licenses require for the platform to be running on a PC. There are third party applications that allow you to control orders, positions and strategies on your PC with Ninja Trader 7 running remotely via mobile phone. We don´t recommend using this addons; remember that this is a professional platform and professional traders don´t leave their positions unattended or send orders without all the information the platform gives you.


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