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Hello traders. Welcome to the thinkorswim tutorial and the first module, introduction to thinkorswim. In this lesson, we’re going to go through the home screen. The home screen is the screen that pops out once you log in to your platform. You can see it right here. I just logged in into my thinkorswim platform, and this is what the home screen looks like.

ThinkorSwim Platform

Now the first thing you will notice is this Trader TV window right here. Now you have a bunch of choices in which you want to watch the Trader TV on, and if you click on the bottom right corner of the square, right here, you’re going to see that you can watch CNBC USA, CNBC Europe, Asia, Futures Now, etc. Now if you are working with more than one screen, let’s say you’re working with two or three screens, and you want to watch Futures Now, just on the one corner of your screen, you can pop out the Trader TV by just clicking on this icon right here. As you can see, the Trader TV pops out, and you can re-size it to your liking. This way you can watch the Trader TV here and still have charting space on your screen. To pop it back down, just click on the X to close it, and it will pop back down.

Now right here you can see that we have four numbers, and these numbers are very interesting. For example, right here on your alert or alerts triggered this week, is the number of alerts that have been triggered within this thinkorswim network. Remember that this is not just a trading platform, but a network of traders, and this means that 690,519 alerts have been triggered by thinkorswim traders. This number right here are the trades that have been shared by thinkorswim traders this week.

Right here we have the “Chat Live Support,” and if you have a question about the thinkorswim platform or have a bug in it, just click on this icon right here, and you can create your support request. Again, you can send it to three different desks just by clicking on the bottom right corner of this square. You see that you can ask the TDA trade desk, the account department, and the general support about the bug or problem that you are experiencing.

Now, right here on the microscope, if you click on “Take a Closer Look,” I’m not going to click it because if I click it, the home screen will shut down, but if you click it, that will prompt you to the trading tab. Now, again, you can also visit the Forex Trader, the Strategy Rollover, Simulated Trades, Active Trader, and Fundamentals, but these are parts of the platform that we are going to be analyzing further on this tutorial.

Now on the right side of the home screen, you can see that you have some sort of a calendar, but this is not an economic calendar. It’s rather a calendar of very important events that will impact the market or will impact some of the assets that are traded in the platform. For example, this is the 21st Century Fox dividends, and if you click on one of these events, you will have the entire information that you need to understand it. If we go to the Cocoa Futures Liquidator and click it, you can see that the futures liquidation is tomorrow and is physically settled, etc.

Then in the middle of the home screen, you will have important news about the markets, about the platform, and you can click on this arrow to watch the next important news in the list. Here you can see we have new improved Swim Lessons for all of you that want to learn about the script and the [inaudible 00:04:52], and if we go further down, you can see that we have in-app customer support for mobile now, etc. And if you don’t want to look at the home screen on start-up, just click here in the middle “no.” I don’t really like to have my home screen prompted out every time I turn on my platform, so I choose not to look at it on start-up. This will no longer prompt out the home screen every time you log in to your platform and you will log in naturally right to the trading and execution tabs.


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