Price Action Trading Course

Price Action Trading Course

How to Trade Forex using Price Action Trading

Welcome to our Price Action Trading course. In this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to trade Forex and Stocks using price action trading. This includes an introduction to price action trading, when and where to set your entries and stop levels, using order flow analysis and more.

What will you learn?

  • Trade with risk to reward ratios that you didn´t know was possible
  • Aim for at least 100 pip moves
  • Hold on to winner trades to ride the entire trend for at least 200+ pips
  • Cut your losers early and improve your win rate
  • Understanding the information behind candlesticks to improve your decision making methods when taking a trade
  • Mind opening market structure analysis to not get trapped by noise or on the other side of the market
  • Easy to follow step by step PA methods that work on any asset class for high rewards


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
Price Action Trading Course 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction to Price Action
Unit 1 Introduction to the Price Action Course 9:28 Free  
Unit 2 Why is Price Action Trading more Profitable? 7:39 Pro  
Unit 3 How to Read Price from Candlesticks 9:56 Pro  
Unit 4 How to Draw Support and Resistance Levels (Market Structure) 16:58 Pro  
Unit 5 How to Draw Trend lines and Channels 16:33 Pro  
Module 2 Keep it Simple Stupid (The KISS Approach)
Unit 1 How to Draw Supply and Demand Zones 12:33 Pro  
Unit 2 Identifying Good and Bad Market Conditions to Trade 11:01 Pro  
Unit 3 Using Rejection Candles to Detect Breakouts and Fakeouts 15:28 Pro  
Module 3 Nailing Entries and Exits: Sniping for Key Levels
Unit 1 Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan 15:26 Pro  
Unit 2 Overextended Moves and Counter-Trend Trading 9:38 Pro  
Unit 3 Finding Confluence at Key Levels of Supply and Demand 11:55 Pro  
Unit 4 How to Profitably Counter Trend Trade 12:48 Pro  
Module 4 Market Fractals
Unit 1 What are Fractals? 14:15 Pro  
Unit 2 Pattern Repetition and Recognition 11:56 Pro  
Unit 3 Trading Breakouts and Measuring the Moves 14:27 Pro  
Module 5 Order Flow
Unit 1 Analysing Order Flow and Market Structure 10:06 Pro  
Unit 2 Reading Momentum and Price Acceleration 12:25 Pro  
Unit 3 When to Close Trades Early or Let them Run 8:43 Pro  
Unit 4 Adding to Your Winners using Order Flow Analysis 14:54 Pro  
Module 6 Price Action Strategies
Unit 1 Pin Bar Trading Strategy 14:54 Pro  
Unit 2 The Inside Bar Strategy 11:00 Pro  
Unit 3 The Outside Bar Candlestick Strategy 11:33 Pro  
Unit 4 The Long Wick and Body Strategy (Mean Rejection) 14:25 Pro  
Unit 5 W Bottom and M Tops Strategy 11:05 Pro  
Unit 6 How to Correctly Trade Breakouts 12:03 Pro  
Unit 7 The KYM Method: Retest of Previous Swings 15:41 Pro  
Unit 8 Indecision Candles for Continuation and Reversal Setups 15:47 Pro  
Module 7 Trade Management
Unit 1 How to Correctly Position Your Stop Losses 15:44 Pro  
Unit 2 Scaling in and out of Positions: Taking Profit at Key Levels 17:37 Pro  
Unit 3 Aggressive Entries using Pending Orders 14:03 Pro  


Benefits of the Price Action Trading Course:

AsBrk_1Trading is not just about buying low and selling high, profitable traders that want to improve their win rates and thus their overall profits need to understand how to read price behind candlesticks and charts.

This price action course is aimed towards traders that need an extra edge to profit from the markets. In this course we aim at teaching you how to be patient with your setups, how to avoid noise using only PA as an indicator and how to correctly take profit and cut losers.

With this course you will be able to:

This course is like no other you will find online. Most of the courses out there will only give you a superficial view on PA trading and will not go into depth on true price structure analysis. The courses you will finf will only teach you 2 or 3 ´´Price Action Strategies´´ without teaching you the rationale behind them.

With investoo´s PA course you will understand the backbone of price action trading so you will be able not only trade the methods and strategies taught here but also improve your decision making process by applying them everywhere.

About the Price Action Trading Course (PATC)

This course has been designed by a professional forex and futures trader that focuses his strategy on price action. This means that even though he uses some indicators for confirmation on his setups, he finds areas where price is likely to stop and reverse and reads price action to know if the pressure that was moving price towards it has exhausted or not. This course is meant to teach you just this. Remember that the only indicator that doesn´t lag is price action itself.

The PATC is aimed for all kind of traders; traders with any mechanical and semi mechanical systems that are looking for a way to increase their win rate, manual traders that are working on developing a system and even those traders that are still paper trading. Everyone should go through this course in depth because price action is at the very core of any profitable system.

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  • Are there any prerequisites to take this course?

This course is aimed for intermediate traders and above. Beginner traders should go through the candlestick and chart pattern lesson in the beginner and technical analysis course before starting the PACTC. An understanding of the information candlesticks give you is needed and essential to complete this course. Other than that there are no many prerequisites for it.

The PATC is more of a way to understand how the markets move, what makes price oscillate and how to find high probability setups and perfect entries using this knowledge. This is the main reason you don´t have to go through the entire beginner or technical analysis course to be able to comprehend the theories and practices taught here.

  • Is price action trading profitable?

Extremely. Price action based strategies are the most profitable strategies you can build and they are actually not that popular. The reason they´re not popular is because when a price action trader takes a trade, he or she uses what they read on the charts: it´s a completely discretionary way to trade the markets, it cannot be coded or turned into a mechanical system.

What we want to teach you is how to do this, and by doing it you will filter out mediocre setups, bad entries, and choppy markets. You will learn how to only take high probability trades on high risk to reward ratio setups. Medium to long term traders will learn how to hold on to your winners based on simple rules dictated by price itself. All of this will make you turn you break even or slightly loosing trading system into a profitable endeavor over the long term.

Increasing your win ratio by only 10% is already big. Just imagine increasing it by 35% and at the same time decreasing your trading frequency thus your exposure in the markets: this is a trader´s dream.

  • How long will it take me to become a profitable price action trader?

We are not going to lie; being profitable trading the markets is not easy. This is why we teach the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid. The simpler you trade the clearer you will see what the market is actually telling you. The simpler the trading technique, the faster you will be able to start testing it and repeating it.

Becoming a profitable trader is not complicated, you just have to trade what you see and repeat it over and over until you have a large enough sample size to know what setups are more profitable than the others. The simpler your method the faster you will have these results. We recommend spending at least 2 months trading on pure price action to have an idea of what works for you. This means that after going through this course you should spend 2 months forward testing the KISS method, and then go live and start making money.

This methodology better applies to the larger time frames for medium term positions to swing trades. The reason is that the longer you hold on to a position the more money you will make of it. The larger time frames are particularly good for this because on them you will be able to filter out the intraday market noise and avoid getting out to early on a corrective intraday move.

  • Should I use other indicators with price action?

Definitely. Price action alone can be traded profitably but we recommend that you use it to improve your system. Using an oscillator to determine that a possible stop and reverse zone is in actual overbought or oversold territory will give extra information once price gets there. It should make your trading decisions easier and better fundamented with one or 2 indicators that complete the system.

We recommend to not use chart indicators as Bollinger Bands, parabolic SAR, Dochian Channels, etc… because these indicators have signals of their own and they will completely overpower what we want to achieve here: to trade price itself. One or two directional tools such as the 50 or 100 simple moving averages are ok because they are just telling us the current trend and not signaling us a long or short setups. So you see, we can use additional information with price action because the goal is to use less indicators not overflow charts with them. Remember: SIMPLE.

  • What´s next?

After getting familiarized with the PATC go to the charts and practice. The best way to practice what you will learn in this course is to go through historical price action and just start applying the concepts learned forward. After that you might want to start trading them and always keep a record of your trades on the test stage.

After this you might want to check out the scalping or the news trading course to add even more techniques to your trading repertoire.


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