Pro Trading Course

Pro Trading Course

How to Trade Forex using Price Action Trading

Welcome to our Pro Trading Course. This course was developed by a professional forex and futures trader with years of experience managing funds in these markets. The main goal of this course is to help intermediate traders get that edge they need to become full time traders and start making an extra income out of this profession.

What will you learn?

  • The right mindset to trading professionally
  • Swing trading macro-events
  • Day trading, confluenec levels and using harmonics
  • Professional hedging
  • Professional FX and CFD trading


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
Pro Trading Course 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Pro Trading Course 5:30 Pro  
Unit 2 The Right Approach and Mindset to Trading the Financial Markets 11:15 Pro  
Unit 3 The Best and Worst Markets to Trade 7:56 Pro  
Module 2 A Pro Trader's Mindset
Unit 1 The Name of the Game is Risk Management 8:39 Pro  
Unit 2 Never be Results Oriented 6:57 Pro  
Unit 3 Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan 6:32 Pro  
Unit 4 Circuit Breaker Technique: Avoid a Big Losing Streak 3:31 Pro  
Unit 5 High Probability Setups 6:47 Pro  
Module 3 Swing Trades: Following Global Macro Trends
Unit 1 Focus on Fundamentals 5:57 Pro  
Unit 2 FX: Interest Rate Decisions 6:29 Pro  
Unit 3 Crude Oil: OPEC Production Policies 4:57 Pro  
Unit 4 Gold: Follow the USD Strength 6:26 Pro  
Unit 5 Company Performance and EPS 6:45 Pro  
Unit 6 Picking the Correct Entry Level: Technical Analysis 12:28 Pro  
Unit 7 Scaling in on a Trade 5:42 Pro  
Unit 8 Scaling out and Taking Profits 7:17 Pro  
Unit 9 When Do We Know the Trade is Over? 10:51 Pro  
Unit 10 Trade Examples 9:48 Pro  
Module 4 Daytrades and Short Term Trades
Unit 1 Levels To Look for Entries: Weekly Hi/Lo and Monthly Hi/Lo 7:30 Pro  
Unit 2 Levels to Look for Exits: Previous Daily Hi/Los, Fibs and Pivots 8:33 Pro  
Unit 3 Finding Confluence with Fibs, Support & Resistance, and Pivots 8:06 Pro  
Unit 4 Using the Average Daily Range 5:06 Pro  
Unit 5 Turning a Day Trade Into a Swing Trade 8:35 Pro  
Unit 6 Day Trading the Same Instrument You Already have a Swing Trade On 4:55 Pro  
Unit 7 Volatile Markets Yield Better Results: The Correct Position Sizing 7:27 Pro  
Module 5 Incorporating Harmonics
Unit 1 Harmonic Patterns at Key Levels: Solidify Your Trade Idea 8:26 Pro  
Unit 2 Harmonic Patterns as Exit Strategy 7:47 Pro  
Unit 3 Bias Invalidation with Harmonic Patterns 6:24 Pro  
Module 6 Hedging
Unit 1 What is Hedging and How to Hedge 11:15 Pro  
Unit 2 Why Hedging in the Right Spots Will Make your Returns Jump 4:21 Pro  
Unit 3 When To Hedge and When Not To Hedge 8:31  
Unit 4 Hedging with Harmonic Patterns 5:36 Pro  
Unit 5 Hedging with Binary Options 3:57 Pro  
Unit 6 Hedging Examples 5:36 Pro  
Module 7 Trading Like a Pro
Unit 1 Finding Fibonacci Clusters 6:23 Pro  
Unit 2 Spoting Smart Money Levels 8:14 Pro  
Unit 3 Trading Like a Pro: Putting Everything Together 13:14 Pro  
Unit 4 Scouting for Long Term Setups 11:50 Pro  
Unit 5 Scouting for Day Trades 9:19 Pro  
Module 8 Professional FX and CFD trading
Unit 1 Day Trading Volume Induced Setups: Point of Control 9:27 Pro  
Unit 2 The 50 Pip a Day Strategy 6:21 Pro  
Unit 3 Medium Term Moves: The 150 Pip Strategy 7:45 Pro  
Unit 4 Adding Chart Formations to Your Setups 7:16 Pro  
Unit 5 Looking for Home Runs: The 500+ Pip Trade 8:20 Pro  
Unit 6 How to Develop a Strategy Like a Professional 13:09 Pro  
Unit 7 Professional Strategy Backtest 9:43 Pro  
Module 9 Professional Binary Options Trading
Unit 1 Making a Living with 15M Expirations Options 8:37 Pro  
Unit 2 Adding an Option Trade: Scaling in Strategy 8:02 Pro  
Unit 3 Using Cross Pairs to Double Your Profits 4:35 Pro  


About the Pro Trading Course

This course was developed by a professional forex and futures trader with years of experience managing funds in these markets. The main goal of this course is to help intermediate traders get that edge they need to become part time to full time traders and start making an extra income out of this profession.

It´s about taking your game to the next level.

After taking this course you will notice that the number of trades you take will decrease but your profitability will increase. This is what this course is all about, teaching you how to squeeze more money (pips, ticks…) out of the market with less exposure, how to  let you winners become home runs and how to keep your losers small.

Why should you take this course if you are already profitable?

YES! If you are already a profitable trader chances are after this course you will double your win rate. This course will not teach you how to trade, it will teach you how to eliminate bad habits and mistakes that are bringing your win rate down.

Don´t let your ego dictate your actions, we all make mistakes and this course will help you see yours instantly.

If you are an intermediate trader looking to finally explode out of mediocracy, this is the course for you. Here you will find all the tools you need to overcome your fears and really start making money from the markets.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Yes, you need to already know how to trade. This course will not teach you the basics of trading or reading price action and sometimes in the middle of a lesson you I will start talking concepts that you already need to know in order to understand what we are talking about.

If you are a beginner trader you should go and take these courses first:

  • Price action trading course
  • Elliot wave theory course
  • Technical analysis course

After taking these courses and practicing you can come back and start developing yourself as a professional trader.




Is it going to take a long time before becoming profitable in the long run?

Yes, we are not going to lie to you. Becoming profitable and finding your style takes time, but this course will help you get there a lot faster.

This course was developed and produced by a professional forex and futures trader that already made all the mistakes in the book and corrected them by himself. Capital preservation, risk management, high probability setups are some concepts that you won´t find as clearly defined elsewhere.

And trading is not only about taking trades; taking trades is actually the last thing a professional trader does. Before that you need to define risk parameters, specify the setups that your system or style yield as more profitable, look for them and then take the trade.

IS not simple but at the same time it is and this course will open your eyes to the path of becoming a full time trader.

Will this course show me strategies based on indicators?

No. This course will teach you how to find highly profitable spots as a discretionary trader. Even though automated trading can be profitable, we believe that its risk to reward parameters can be too strict and narrow basing its profitability on a vast number of trades. This is because entry and exit signals are based on indicators.

Manual or discretionary trading doesn´t have a ceiling when it comes to risk to reward. This means that you can easily find a 1:3 risk to reward scenario but sometimes you will find a 1:8 or higher if you are patient.

Because the style taught on this course is based on price itself and the setups that you will look for are based on levels the amount of trades you will take will be less but they will be far more accurate than an indicator based signal.

Is this a professional day trading course or will I learn how to swing trade?

That is an extremely important question. You will learn how to trade both and not only that; you will learn how to turn a day trade into a swing trade.  You will learn how to start by spotting extremely high probability setups and taking profits along the way in what sometimes can become home runs of more than a few hundred pips.

You don´t have to define yourself as a day trader or a swing trader. To be completely honest, I do both. Sometimes when in a swing trades on an instrument I day trade it too. Sometimes I even hedge it on a day trade.

So you see, what´s important is to understand what the market is willing to give you and not focusing on labelling yourself.

What´s next?

After getting familiarized with the concepts explained and taught on this course you should practice and practice. Not only your trading but also you discipline and mental state.

Practice everything you have learned in this course and apply it to your trading and life and see your grow like you have never seen before.



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