QIWI Wallet Forex Brokers 2017

QIWI Wallet Forex Brokers 2017

qiwi walletQIWI Wallet FX brokers are forex brokers that provide their traders with the ability to deposit trading capital and also withdraw any profits which have been made using the QIWI Wallet financial system.

The QIWI Wallet electronic payment system was introduced in 2007. In addition to serving as a channel via which forex traders can deposit or withdraw funds on compliant QIWI Wallet forex broker platforms, the payment system also lets allows customers make payments for mobile phone bills, internet and utility bills online. Users of the QIWI wallet can also make online purchases and settle their liens for bank loans. The company is co-branded with VISA and runs 15 million virtual wallets. The company also operates cash-collecting terminals and self-service kiosks.

QIWI Wallet also has a mobile app listed on the App store and the Google Play store, enabling forex traders carry out transactions from their QIWI Wallet accounts to their QIWI Wallet forex broker platforms using the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Top Forex Brokers that Accept QIWI Wallet Transactions:

How the QIWI Wallet System Works on a Forex Platform

QIWI Wallet is linked to a wide network of providers, including forex brokers. This enables traders who trade forex with QIWI Wallet forex brokers to use the same payment system for online shopping, bill payment as well as several other payment needs. Such an integrated system needs to be secure and its users fully identified. Therefore, the trader must submit to the personal identity verification checks performed by QIWI Wallet so as to ensure that the identity of the user is not hijacked along the way.


To become a QIWI Wallet forex broker, such a broker must sign up with the QIWI Wallet system and have the integration process between the two sites completed. This enables a system whereby clicking the QIWI Wallet button on the broker’s payment page will direct the user to a secure page where the QIWI Wallet transactions can be performed.

To receive payments on withdrawals requested using this method, the trader will have the option of choosing one of four options as follows:

  1. ATM
  2. A bank account
  3. A bank card
  4. A money transfer system

Money transfer systems refer to other minor e-payment solutions which are country-specific. The QIWI Wallet is country-specific and special integration agreements allow QIWI Wallet users in some countries to transfer the balances to other e-payment solutions.

Many banks such Russia’s Sberbank, Russian Standard bank, VTB24, Raiffeinsen Bank, Alfa-Bank and TCS are all linked with QIWI Wallet, making it possible to use QIWI Wallet VISA cards on the ATMs and cash-dispensing kiosks of these banks.

When it comes to deposits, traders can also deposit into their QIWI Wallets using online banking systems, credit cards (Website and ATM), mobile phones and cash via ATM transfers.

QIWI Wallet is a predominantly Russian company but also operates in several countries under license and franchise agreements. This gives the company a wide global spread and allows users in several countries to use the QIWI Wallet.

Examples of brokers that use the QIWI Wallet are:

  1. Liteforex
  2. IV Brokers
  3. Greenvault FX
  4. Fort Financial
  5. Iron FX
  6. AGM Markets
  7. Uno Corporation
  8. xCFD
  9. Grand Capital
  10. ForexCent
  11. BForex

There are many other QIWI Wallet forex brokers and many of these brokers come from other jurisdictions outside Russia.

Benefits of QIWI Wallet Forex Brokers

Money is simply a medium of exchange, and can be used to pay for goods and services. However, the world is going cashless and the QIWI Wallet is one method that forex traders can also operate on a cashless basis. A lot of the fraud in the forex market occurs at the point of exchange between the earned cash and the cash conversion points. Therefore, a payment system which is used on the binary options platforms, online and offline stores, bill payment sites, etc protects users against some of these problems.

For traders who want to collect cash from their QIWI Wallet forex brokers, it is important to note that money can be collected from the Visa QIWI Wallet via a bank wire transfer to a bank account or a debit card, or withdrawn at the ATM using the QIWI Visa Plastic card. This is where QIWI’s integration with VISA comes in very handy as it allows traders to apply for and use the specialized VISA branded QIWI prepaid debit card.

For traders who want to use the funds in their QIWI Wallets on online and offline stores, all the trader needs to do is to register their bank cards (Visa or MasterCard) with the QIWI system and they can then be used to make secure payments without the need to enter the card details while shopping. Online shoppers are also given a virtual card on request. This adds another layer of security to the usage of the QIWI Wallet.

When choosing a forex broker, you can be sure that a QIWI Wallet forex broker will give you all the benefits listed above.


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