Quant Strategy EA Review

About the Quant Strategy Expert Advisor


This expert advisor has been designed to trade the EUR/USD currency pair exclusively. The designers of this Forex automated solution explicitly state that they had made genuine and real money profits from its usage over an extensive period of time.

What to Expect from the QuantStrategyEA

The promoters stress that you should only anticipate this robot delivering realistic returns. They explain that their device is definitely capable of achieving this objective as they have exhaustively tested it for almost a decade. Not only was the QuantStrategyEA comprehensively back-tested using many years of historical data, it was then subjected to 6 intense months of demo testing.

Only after this latter testing phase had been successfully pasted was this tool finally introduced to the ravages of six months of live testing in order to validate that it really could generate real money profits. Once all three stages were fully completed, which the QuantStrategyEA passed with flying colors, this product was then released on the market for public sale. The tests demonstrated that this expert advisor produced an average monthly return between 2.5% and 10%.

The inventors of this product are quick to point out that Forex trading is certainly not about getting rich fast. In contrast, they advise that their expert advisor has the ability to create real steady profit streams because of its well-tested strategy and inherent compounding features. The reliability of their product was been achieved by deploying a team of professional software engineers and Forex traders.

The promotional material supporting the QuantStrategyEA makes greats efforts not to be based on lies, deception and hype. Instead, a policy has been adopted to deliberately separate this automated solution from the herd of Forex software products, which ultimately become classified as scams or disappointing fakes. In contrast, this tool is solely advertised utilizing the real trading results it generated during the three stages of testing identified above.


How the QuantStrategyEA works

This tool contains a breakout strategy that identifies new entry opportunities based on trend retractions. The QuantStrategyEA attempts to identify those events exhibiting high levels of momentum in order to capture positions promising the maximum returns at minimum risk.

The device activates about 2 pending orders per day on the expectations of breakouts. However, only about half of these potential opportunities evolve into real trades. A 35 pip Take-Profit is implemented for each active position supported by a volatility-based stop-loss that is double to triple the size of the Take-Profit. Stop-losses are always implemented as soon as a new position is activated, without exception, in order to provide optimum protection for your equity.

The strategy has a proven record of generating a consistent win-to-loss ratio of just over 75%. The QuantStrategyEA can apparently operate equally well with any broker offering the MetaTrader 4 platform. In addition, this tool is not based on any Grid or Martingale strategies and does not include hedging or scalping.

The manufacturer of the QuantStrategyEA offers a 30 days money back guarantee if its device directly causes you to lose any sum of money during that period. Specifically, if you install and operate this expert advisor with either a demo or live account using the advised parameter settings, then you have the option to request a refund if your equity declines. Although you can commence trading with a minimum deposit of just $200, you are strongly advised to make an investment of several thousand dollars if you are really serious about acquiring worthwhile profits.


Performance Tests

This company projects a refreshing approach by not promoting its product using over-hyped advertising.  In contrast, serious attempts have been instigated in order to identify and describe precisely the key technical attributes of this expert advisor.

How successful has this task been accomplished? Does this tool match its advertising claims? To provide answers to these highly relevant queries, extensive testing was performed and the results generated are detailed in the following table.



Key Parameters

A proven methodology is now deployed in an attempt to ascertain the true trading potential of the QuantStrategyEA. Essentially, a number of key parameters were calculated in order to provide you with the ability to assess if this expert advisor merits more attention.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 69%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.50

3.       Expectancy Value = $5.18

These numbers imply that the QuantStrategyEA is capable of creating a profit of $5.18 for every $1 you are prepared to wager over a specified period of time.


User Comments

Unfortunately, an internet search did not unearth any important user comments had could endorse this tool or otherwise.



You can gain usage of this expert advisor by either paying a monthly subscription of $77 or by purchasing it outright with a one-time payment of $495. If you opt for the monthly subscription option, you can cancel your membership at any time.



Although the above resultant parameter values do not register a win-to-loss ratio of 75% as advertised, the figures are, nonetheless, quite impressive. The expectancy value is of particular note as it infers that you could earn just over $5 for each one dollar stake. That is an inspiring return if confirmed true.

You should now investigate this product in more depth as it definitely merits more attention. You can accomplish this objective by carefully adhering to our own easy-to-follow guidelines.

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