ReBORN Signals Review

About the ReBorn Forex Signals Service


This Forex signal service enables its users to trade the currency markets by registering with any broker supporting the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Specifically, this software product has been designed to exploit the power of trading trends and includes a trailing stop facility allowing traders to maximize their gains by locking-in profits. The strategy is based on the usage of a number of popular technical indicators. ReBORN is backed by a series of helpful videos explaining how to install it and how to optimize its usage.

This automated solution provides its clients with the ability to track and follow other proven signal strategies or suppliers with the intent that they will then have the opportunity to benefit from the expert advice provided. For instance, if a well-known and revered source of Forex expertise has consistently produced an excellent stream of trading signals, then ReBORN can be utilized to copy this information with the hope of emulating its success.

You do not need to possess any prior Forex experience or skills in order to benefit from the advantages that this product offers. Instead, you can operate ReBORN by selecting and tracking strategies or providers with acknowledged track-records of success. Consequently, this product is able to permit a larger quantity of novices to benefit from Forex trading than otherwise possible.

What is MetaTrader 4?

In order to trade Forex using ReBORN, you will need to enroll with a broker who will provide you access to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. MT4 was released in 2002 by MetaQuotes and is available in two versions, which are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The former is the more popular and is widely used by Forex traders.

The most significant benefit of MT4 is that it allows you to install and operate expert advisors. This trading platform is provided free and also supports extensive charting packages and a range of the most popular technical indicators. You will find that as the majority of premier Forex brokers offer MT4 these days, you will be able to choose from a wide selection.

Although each broker tends to optimize the MT4 version that it offers, the central concepts, nevertheless, remain constant. As such, you should be able to install and operate ReBORN on any provided MT4 platform without any trouble. You can trade the currency market manually or automatically using MT4. This renowned platform has acquired an impressive reputation in recent years for its ability to support automated solutions and Forex Robots proficiently.

How Reborn Signals Work

You can readily install the supplied expert advisor so that it connects directly with your broker’s price feed enabling you to always capture the best quality trades. Essentially, the ReBORN is an automatic trade copier that is capable of receiving and executing positions by using the data supplied by your chosen third-party signal providers.

Once you have purchased and installed ReBORN onto your MT4 platform, you will then be able to observe this robot receive signals from your selected provider and subsequently open new positions accordingly following the precise instructions contained within the signals. Your new trade will then be managed and eventually exited without you being involved in the operating process whatsoever.

In particular, ReBORN will perform the following actions automatically on your behalf:

–      Initiate LONG and SHORT positions

–      Update active positions, if the need arises

–      Activate supporting Stop-Loss and Take-Profit for each trade opened

–      Exit one or more positions.

In addition, ReBORN was been specifically designed to collect and then implement the signals received by the provider within one second, under normal trading conditions. Consequently, you can have confidence that your new trade will be executed as close to the recommended opening stipulations as possible.

The designers of ReBORN explicitly stress that they are definitely not gamblers but are a team of professional traders. They have specifically design their robot so that it does not trade when major economic data is due to be published because of the ensuing levels of high volatility that can often be created by such events. As such, they claim that one of the main reasons why ReBORN is so successful is because they not only know when to open trades but also when not to.


Performance Tests

The advertising literature definitely promotes a signal service with many interesting and attractive features but how do they stand up under live trading conditions? Can ReBORN truly deliver a stream of real money profits so that it is worth further attention? A series of experiments were performed to resolve these issues and the test results are supplied in the ensuing table.


Key Parameters

An established and proven technique was next implemented in order to assess the performance of the ReBORN. Essentially, the following primary parameters were determined by exploiting the average values outlined in the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 96%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.18

3.       Expectancy Value = $3.68

These values advise that the ReBORN will generate a profit of $3.68 for each $1 you are prepared to risk trading Forex.


User Comments

No user remarks were located by instigating an internet search that could provide any deeper insights into the trading performance of the ReBORN.



The monthly subscription fee ranges between $43 and $59 depending on your selected options.



This service generated a very impressive win-to-loss ratio, as displayed above, although it is countered by a weak reward-to-risk ratio. However, as the resultant expectancy value of $3.68 is still a sufficiently high return, this low cost signal service undoubtedly merits further attention if this value can be properly verified. You can perform this task by following our suggested series of easy-to-implement steps which will also help you compare to ReBORN to other signal services.

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