Scalperior FX Basic Review

About the Scalperior FX Basic Export Advisor


The makers of this Forex expert advisor advise that their product is based on a position trading strategy that involves none of the concepts of the hotly disputed Martingale and Grid theories.

In addition, this robot has the ability to continuously track the currency market 24 hours a day throughout the entire trading week. The ScalperiorFX specifically searches for both long and short trading opportunities and controls risk exposure by utilizing a well-tested money management policy. When this devise detects a quality entry opportunity, it opens a new position instantly as it has been specifically constructed not to support pending orders.

This expert advisor is based on the principles of a smart trending strategy which has been specially designed to monitor and evaluate prevalent market conditions. Consequently, the ScalperiorFX possesses the ability to optimize your profits while minimizing your risk exposure. For example, this robot performs these exciting tasks by assigning exclusive stop-losses, trailing-stops and profit-targets to each individual position. In fact, the developers go to great lengths to promote the range of safety measures incorporated into their product which have been extensively tested to provide the maximum protection for user equity.

This tool performs its operations by tracking the currency markets using a number of specifically selected technical indicators. These are three Simple Moving Averages, the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX), Parabolic SAR and Candlestick Patterns. In particular, short term price movements are monitored by a 25-day moving average; mid-term by a 75-day moving average and long-term by a 200-day moving average.

The ScalperiorFX closes trades whenever the criteria specified by either its Take-Profit or Stop-Loss parameters are satisfied. New positions are executed only when the prevailing candlestick closes. In addition, only one trade can be active at any one time and this expert advisor does not support hedging.

This automatic robot has been designed to activate a BUY or LONG position when the following entry condition is matched. Specifically, the 25-day moving average must be either crossing or already above both the 75-day and 200-day moving averages; the ADV must be posting a value higher than 25 and the opening value of the new candlestick must be above the closing value of the prevalent candlestick.

Similarly, a SELL or SHORT trade will be implemented when the 25-day moving average is either dropping or already below the 75-day and 200-day moving averages; the current ADX value is larger than 25 and the opening value of the latest candlestick is below the closing value of its predecessor. The performance of the ScalperiorFX can be tailored to specifically match the trading personality of its users by utilizing the following key parameters:

–      Lots: Specifies the size of individual positions

–      LotsMultiplier: Multiplier for the original size of volume.

–      MagicStart: Enables this product to control its trading operations by utilizing a unique identifier.

–      MaximumLots: The maximum Volume Size permitted defined in Lots

–      MoneyManagement : Deploys the advanced money management strategy if set TRUE or utilizes a manually selected Lot Size if FALSE

–      RiskPercent: Determines acceptable risk as a percentage of volume

–      Slippage: states the maximum permitted slippage in pips.

–      StopLoss: defines the maximum acceptable loss, in pips, that will be risked per active position

–      TakeProfit: Identifies the targeted profit per trade in pips.

–      TrailingStart: Trailing will commence once profit has captured a specified number of pips

–      TrailingStep: Defined the number of pips that the active StopLoss will advance per increment.

–      TrailingStop: Advances the StopLoss by a number of pips once captured.

In addition, the user can also control the performance of the robot’s key indicators by using the following inputs:

–      CloseCandleID : Identifier for Trend Strength Filter

–      EMAPeriodMax: Defines the number of periods that will be deployed to determine the “SLOW” Simple Moving Average, i.e. default is 200-day

–      EMAPeriodMin: Defines the number of periods that will be deployed to determine the “FAST” Simple Moving Average, i.e. default is 25-day

–      ReverseSystem: When set will reverse the fundamental trending, i.e. Longs will be executed during DOWN trends and Shorts during UP trends.

–      UseCrossover: Positions will only be activated whenever a moving average crossover occurs.


Performance Tests

The above description of the ScalperiorFX certainly presents a very attractive and appealing profile but does it really stand up a thorough reality check. To gain answers to this important query, a series of carefully controlled tests have been performed on this product to validate its performance.

The results from this intensive investigation are now displayed in the ensuring table. Also note that the average figures are presented in the column located towards the far right.


Key Parameters

You now require an established technique to help you assess whether the ScalperiorFX really does generate a profitable trading record so that it earns further attention. This objective can be accomplished by determining a series of key performance parameters of this expert advisor, which are its win-to-loss and reward-to-risk ratios and the all-important expectancy value.

These figures are now determined by utilizing the average numbers outlined in the rightmost column of the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 54%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.54

3.       Expectancy Value = -$11.38

Consequently, these results indicate that the ScalperiorFX should generate a LOSS of $11.38 for every US dollar that you wager over the long haul.


User Comments

No comments of any significance, whether positive or negative, could be located for this product despite undertaking a comprehensive internet search.



The retail price of the ScalperiorFX Basic is currently $250.00.



The results collected for the ScalperiorFX are, without doubt, quite worrisome and certainly do not reflect its promotional hype. For example, the win-to-loss ratio is only slightly above 50% and is supported by a weak and disappointing reward-to-risk ratio which is lower than unity.

Specifically, these figures contribute to an expectancy value that predicts that you will loss a significant amount of money for every US Dollar you risk by trading this device. As such, you definitely need to proceed with caution. You can adopt such a methodology by studying and utilizing our advised plan of action.

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