Solid FX Invest (SFX) EA Review

About Solid FX Invest (SFX)


The designers of this particular expert advisor have consumed significant amounts of energy attempting to project a professional image.

For example, they vigorously try to subdue any naive conceptions about their product by explicitly advising that their robot is not based on any grid or martingale concepts and is definitely not a magical solution. They further stress that a realistic viewpoint of Forex trading is imperative and that losses will always be encountered. As such, the secret to success is to ensure that long-term profits really do exceed long-term losses.

The SolidFXInvest EA (SFX) has been constructed to accomplish this objective by possessing the ability to seek high quality entry opportunities supported by a sophisticated money management strategy. The performance of this tool can even be verified by examining over two years of real live trading results. SFX promoters claim that it is superior to all other automated solutions available on the markets at present as it comprises a portfolio of powerful expert advisors that are not available for sale elsewhere.

The design includes safety features, such as dynamic stop-loss and trailing–loss controls, which help generate a very reliable performance. As such, users can select high risk settings without the worry of placing their entire equities in danger. The SFX aims to active only a small number of high quality trades per day and it makes no attempt to constantly optimize its performance in response to ever-evolving market conditions. In fact, the manufacturer boosts that as the SFX has been utilizing the same entry logic for over two years, they consider this specific feature to be one of the prime reasons behind its consistent success.

Consequently, if you purchase this portfolio of expert advisors then you can expect your initial deposit to grow exponentially while minimizing your risk exposure. In particular, the SFX has been structured to minimize the threat of margin calls while constantly seeking high quality trading opportunities. The product’s inventors ask its potential subscribers the pertinent question: ‘how many other expert advisors can you tune to high risk settings without the fear of losing all your account balance quickly?’

The main benefits of the SFX PORTFOLIO are as follows:

–      The SFX is not a scalper

–      Possesses dynamic stop-loss and trailing-loss controls

–      Comprises a well-tested money management strategy constructed about an innovative loss reduction procedure.

–      Structured on a diversified portfolio ensuring steady growth

–      Operates with any Forex broker although those offering the lowest spreads are recommended

–      Not based on martingale or grid concepts ensuring increased safety for the user’s equity

–      The original design has not been optimized since 2010.

–      All updates are provided FREE to SFX subscribers.

In particular, the promoters especially emphasize the fact that they have been trading the original versions of their product for an extensive period of time during which there has never been a need to optimize or modify it. They highlight the point that the key advantage to this approach is that they now possess a solid historical trading performance of the SFX demonstrating how it coped with an array of varying market conditions.

They also advise that new users should reserve at least 3 months in order to properly assess all the features of the SFX and allow this product sufficient time to generate consistent profits.  The design supports an anti-margin call procedure; three risk level options; seven loss reduction controls and an early loss prevention module. The SFX inventors claim that their product can generate a consistent monthly profit of 20% using its medium risk setting. The SFX also exploits compound interest by automatically increasing the lot size used per position as equity expands.

This robot is easy to install and operate and does not require any further adjustments at all. However, there are a limited number of parameters that you can tweak, if you wish to do so.  The minimum initial deposit needed to enable this expert advisor to trade proficiently is $1,500. The company boosts that their tool is so reliable that you can establish a new financial business based upon it. To support such an option, a top-call customer service is provided which is available 7 days a week.


Performance Tests

The producers of the SFX certainly have certainly made serious efforts to promote it using professional techniques by identifying explicit technical features and performance parameters. To determine whether they have been successful in achieving this task, a sequence of tests has been undertaken and the results are listed in the next table.



Key Parameters

The average values displayed in the above table are now deployed to calculate the primary trading parameters of the SFX. You will then be able to study these numbers with the intent of assessing if this product deserves further attention.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 36%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 2.10

3.       Expectancy Value = $2.40

These figures advocate that the SolidFXInvest EA Portfolio will create a return of $2.40 for each $1 speculated over an extensive period of time.


User Comments

An internet search did not disclose any meaningful user comments that could endorse this product or otherwise.



You can acquire usage of the SFX by either applying for a monthly (98 US Dollars) or quarterly (248 US Dollars) license.



The performance parameters generated above are certainly promising and are competitive with those of the better products in this market sector. Although the win-to-loss ratio is worrisome, this feature is offset by a strong reward-to-risk figure. The resultant expectancy value of $2.40 certainly merits additional attention.

As such, if you are keen to acquire deeper insights into this device then you are advised to follow our recommended course of action. By doing so, you will be able to compare the SFX to other Forex software products.

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