SSC Invest Review – Forex Managed Account


Why Invest with SSC?

This company highlights the following primary reasons why you should consider subscribing to its managed Forex account service.

First, the poor rate-of-returns offered by standard investment sources is stated as possibly the main reason why you should seek more profitable alternative options. For instance, the annual profits serviced by most banks are so small, i.e. 3%, that they hardly cover the impacts of inflation. The terms offered by investment and hedging funds are more appealing, as verified by the follows funds:

–      Aberdeen-Asia-Pacific: yearly return is just over 18%

–      HSBC-FTSE-All-Share-Index: yearly return is just over 14%

–      Kames-Investment-Grade-Bond: yearly charge is just over 16%

–      JP Morgan-U.S. Select: yearly charge is almost 13%

–      JM Finn-Global-Opportunities: yearly charge is nearly 12%

–      Virgin-FTSE All-Share-Tracker: yearly charge is about 13%

Although you can validate that these funds do attract more worthwhile annual profits, they do so at a cost. Essentially, they all charge a percentage of your initial deposit as an entry fee and then a management fee payable on an annual basis. In addition, you need to be aware that investing in these funds does involve a significant level of risk. For instance, many such enterprises have even gone bankrupt in the past leaving their investors high and dry. As such, you will need to shop around the investment industry carefully in order to identify the optimum deal that ideally matches your objectives and aspirations


Main Benefits of SSC

For the above stated reasons, you could consider investing with SSC Invest because it offers the following distinct advantages:

–      Returns an average month profit of about 5%

–      Possesses a 12 month trading history demonstrating real money profits which can be readily verified by third parties

–      Charges no entry or annual fees

–      Requires just a low initial deposit of $500

–      Charges a 35% performance fee on profits only!

–      Your managed account will be activated in your name

–      USA friendly although an initial investment of $1,000 is required

–      Enables you to diversify your investment portfolio with confidence

–      Functions equally well with any Forex broker

Specifically, if you subscribe with SCC invest, then you can do so using your own selected Forex broker and the account will be identified by using your own name.  This firm does, however, recommend the following brokers in order to achieve optimum returns although the final decision is at your discretion: HotForex, Pepperstone and SynergyFX. The last broker is the chosen default. SSC Invest is able to service US clients because it is partnered with Tallinex, a broker based in Estonia. Please note that if you are a USA resident and you subscribe to SSC Invest, then you are only permitted to use Tallinex as your broker and your initial minimum deposit will be $1,000.


Forex Signal Service

SCC Invest also offers a Forex signal service, called SCC signals, as an option if you do not want your trading account fully managed by one of its consultants. A monthly fee of 35% is charged on profits only if you opt for this solution. This feature implies that you will incur no fees if the signals supplied do not generate any profits.

You can join SCC Invest by visiting its partner website at Once subscribed, you will need to install the supplied trade-copier software onto your MetaTrader 4 platform. Your account will then be automatically traded using the supplied signals requiring no intervention or involvement on your behalf whatsoever. The signals are generated by the firm’s team of Forex experts using sophisticate and proven strategies and algorithms.


Performance Tests

SCC Invest offers an attractive Forex managed account service as summarized by the above promotional hype. However, how effective is it in reality and can it produce consistent profits for you over the long haul? An investigation was performed to specifically answer these questions and its test results are supplied in the following table.



Key Parameters

The next important step in this analytical process was to deduce the following key performance parameters utilizing the average values depicted in the above table. This vital task was undertaken in order to provide you with a means of readily evaluating the ability of this service to cope with live trading conditions.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 67%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 1.06

3.       Expectancy Value = $12.22

These resultant parameters indicate that SCC Invest possesses the potential to produce a $12.22 profit over the long haul for every single US dollar wagered.


User Comments

A number of positive comments were unearthed by an internet search expressing a level of satisfaction with this service.



Charges a 35% performance fee on profits only meaning you will not incur any costs if you do not earn profits from using this service.



SCC Invest certainly deserves further attention as its boasts a very impressive expectancy value of $12.22. Essentially, if you can confirm that this value is valid then you have located a Forex managed account service that could well be worth joining.

However, you should still adopt a cautious stance until you have undertaken a deeper analysis. You can readily accomplish this mission if you follow our advised way forward, which is both easy to understand and follow.

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