Static vs Dynamic Price Ladder Display

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Hello, traders, welcome to the NinjaTrader tutorial and the third module, SuperDOM overview. In this video I’m going to show you the difference between the static and dynamic price ladder display. For example, I like to use the dynamic price ladder display but some traders out there like to the static price ladder display to trade from. So I’m going to show you the difference between the both of them so you can choose whatever fits your trading style.

Static vs Dynamic price ladder display

Right here on the left we have a static, a SuperDOM, and on the right we have the dynamic SuperDOM. When using the Static SuperDOM the bid and the ask price climb up and down as static ladder, so you can see right here that the bid and the ask price and the last rate of price is moving up or are moving up and down as static ladder. This means that if you hold your cursor on the 50.41 price level, you will see that these price will not change even though price is going down and getting close to it. This is why you have the last traded price all the way up here, and on the static SuperDOM the center price key works. If you click it the last rated price will go to the middle of the ladder. On the dynamic SuperDOM the ask and the bid and last rate of price are on a static location, and what moves is the ladder behind it.

You can see that if you place your cursor at the 50.39 level and price moves down or up the price on your cursor will change, so this is the main difference between the static and dynamic SuperDOM. On the static SuperDOM, what changes, or what goes up and down the ladder, is price itself or the last traded price the bid and the ask. And on the dynamic SuperDOM the bid and the ask of last traded price are on a static location and what changes is the ladder behind it, because on the static SuperDOM the price levels never change and what changes or what moves up and down is the actual bid and ask and the last traded price, it is easier to place orders in a defined price level, because these price level will never change. But in a dynamic SuperDOM because the role, or the price level on the role that your mouse is hovering changes, it is more complicated to place on exact order and what you need to do is click on this button the “hold” button. This will suspend the dynamic SuperDOM and it will be easier for you to place a limit order in a defined price level. To unlock the SuperDOM you just click again on this button and the dynamic SuperDOM will restart.


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