The iProfit HFT EA Review

About the The iProfit HFT Expert Advisor


This automated tool has been primarily designed to enable investors to speculate on the currency markets using the renowned MetaTrader 4 platform.

This expert advisor possesses the exciting ability to open multiple positions concurrently and produces its best performances when it focuses on the AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and the USD/CHF.

The iProfit HFT utilizes a strategy constructed on the primary objective of trading currency pairs exhibiting high correlation with those that have low correlation. The performance of this robot is centered on an innovative module which attempts to forecast the high/low values for the next hourly candlestick by utilizing a database containing the figures for the last 48 hours.

What operational features can you expert if you purchase this product? Essentially, the promoters of the iProfit HFT claim that it has an impressive reward-to-risk and win-to-loss ratios. In addition, this tool includes a well-tested risk and money management that has been specifically designed to provide optimum protection for its users’ equity. This expert advisor aims to trade between 70 to 120 positions per month. Each trade will always be activated at the High or LOW values of the current candlestick. A win-to-loss ratio of 65% is targeted with an average win size of 18 pips and an average loss size of 25 pips. Specifically, you are advised to deploy this tool using brokers that offer the lowest spreads as possible.

The strategy behind the iProfit HFT focuses on determining the optimum occasions when to initiate new trades possessing the potential for maximum profit as opposed to attempting to predict the future. To accomplish this objective, the software incorporates artificial intelligence aimed at forecasting the pending directional movements of price in the very short-term. In addition, technical analysis is deployed to evaluate prevailing investor sentiment. The design also attempts to address major human factors that influence trading.

The iProfit HFT is constructed to operate in a similar fashion to day traders and is equally proficient when price is advancing within either a bullish or bearish trend. This expert advisor does not perform very well when a currency pair is range-trading.

This robot treats all currency pairs in an identical way since it does not attempt to change key parameters or optimize its performance at any stage. The design incorporates a very important binary switch which is called the ‘Correlated_To_EURUSD’.

When set to zero, the iProfit HFT is programmed to activate trades possessing a win-to-loss ratio in excess of 75%. Each position is protected by a stop-loss which is determined by selecting the nearest support (Long) or Resistance (Short) to the entry point. You should not attempt to trade more volatile pairs, such as the EUR/JPY and GBP/USD, using this setting.

When the Correlated_To_EURUSD is set to 1, the strategy will target entry opportunities exhibiting a success rate of over 65%. Under this setting, more trades will be activated and optimum results are obtained by concentrating on the EUR/USD and AUD/USD.


Performance Tests

The promotional hype presented above certainly introduces a device with an exciting potential for trading the currency markets successfully and profitably. However, how does it live up to its reputation?  In particular, can the iProfit HFT consistently produce a win-to-loss ratio of 65% or above, as its makers duly claim?

The next table contains tests gathered by recently performing an investigation into the performance of this robot in order to provide verifiable conclusions. The average values of all the key parameters are displayed in the rightmost column.


Key Parameters

A methodology is now utilized in order to evaluate the performance of the iProfit HFT with the intent of determining whether it merits any deeper analysis. Essentially, key performance parameters are calculated by using the average figures presented in the diagram above. The following pertinent results were recorded:

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 60%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.64

3.       Expectancy Value = $0.0

These results illustrate that the ‘iProfit HFT’ EA will only generate a return of $0 for each US Dollar placed at risked over any extended period of time.


User Comments

An internet search was then undertaken to locate any user comments or remarks that could be deployed in order to verify the above findings. Unfortunately, this process revealed no negative or positive remarks which helped resolve this issue.



The iProfit HFT can be purchased using a subscription license. You can select a Monthly (60 US Dollars), Quarterly (153 US Dollars or Annual (504 US Dollars) license. Each one enables you to trade a maximum of four accounts (live/demo).



Unfortunately, the test results, outlined above, demonstrated that the performance of the iProfit HFT is not robust enough to warrant its license costs. Specifically, the win-to-loss ratio did not match the promotional claim of 65% and is also supported by a weaker-than-expected reward-to risk ratio. As such, these results produced an insipid expectancy value of just $0.

Subsequently, if you are still interested in this expert advisor, then you should consider undertaking your own research in order to validate the findings presented above. You can readily perform this task by following the steps of our recommended way forward. By doing so, you will be able to also assess the comparable performances of other expert advisors currently on the market.

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