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Hello traders. Welcome to the thinkorswim tutorial and the first module, thinkorswim introduction. In this lesson we’re going to learn about the live news feed and how to customize it to your trading. And the reason we want to customize the live news feed is because normally, you will get all sorts of live news on the gadget.

Now, the first thing I’m going to teach you is where the gadget is located. The gadget is located right here under your account information. And of course if you click on the arrow at the left of the live news gadget, you will open the gadget and be able to see or to watch all the news. Now you can also modify it but just…well, not modify it, but make it bigger so you can see more than two or three news at a time. Right now we are going make it as big as possible so we can actually look at the entire gadget.

Live News Feed

Now, this is what the live news gadget looks like. And of course, every time you get a new breaking news or something on the wires, it will be put on your feed instantaneously. Now, another thing you need to know about the live news feed is that you can also detach the gadget by clicking on the circle right here and clicking on detach gadget. You can pin it or unpin it. But let’s stick with the attached gadget to the left side bar. Now, if you hover your mouse over the news, nothing will happen, but if you click on a circle that is on the left side of any news, it will prompt out this box that says show details.

Now, let’s say that we want Asian market mixed ECB etc. details, on the news you click show details and it will show the details of the news at the moment. You can see that this prompts out the live news feed, and of course it gives you the entire news, not only the headlines. Once you have this prompts out, you just click on another news, like Moody’s assigns first-time Baa2, etc. and you will have the news below it.

Now, let’s re-attach the gadget to the left sidebar and I will show you another interesting thing about the gadget. You see that we have a white box right here. Well this box is so you can look for news that concern the markets or the assets that you’re trading. For example, let’s say that we want news on Apple. We type the AAPL ticker and then enter and you will get all the news on Apple, there are none. Oh well, there are. It takes a little time. And if we go right here and click on show details, you will have all the Apple news that are going through the wires at the moment. For example, How to make Apple grow, 44 million tried Apple music in its first month, etc.

Live News Feed ThinkorSwim

Now, let’s say that you don’t trade stocks or stock options but you trade futures, and you want to look at the news on the euro. And another way to look for news is to look of the ticker or for…exactly, to look for the ticker of the instrument that you want to trade, or the instrument that you want to look at after the news. The way to do it is to click these two descending arrows right here. This will prompt out the symbol table in which you can look for the actual symbol on a symbol list. And you have futures, you have options, you have indices, etc. Now let’s see the 6A, or the 6E, which is the euro on the futures markets, and let’s look at the news on the euro which is trading right now. Okay, you can also…well, once you have the news focus on the euro, you can go here and again show details. Just look again and again for the news that are interesting, or that are going to be important for the euro futures.

And this is how the live news feed works, and of course, if you want to go back to clear filter, you just click clear filter and it will clear out all of your searches right here.


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