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Hello traders, welcome to Think Or Swim tutorial and the third module charting. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to change a time interval and the aggregation period on your charts. And to do this, we’re going to go to the Think Or Swim platform. Now you can see that I have a Euro-US dollar chart right here, and I have the default callers and the default style of the Think Or Swim platform on it. Now to change back to our customized style, you right click on the chart, go to style then load the blank style that we just worked on. And as you can see, our style is loaded on the chart. Now, the first thing I want you to notice is the aggregation time by default that the Think Or Swim platform has. Now this is the daily chart, okay? With one year of back data. Now this can be seen right here on the box just below the instrument box on the top left of the chart. Right here you can see Euro-USD bid one year and daily. Now this means that this is a daily chart with one year of back data.

Changing time interval on TOS

Now, if you want to change the daily chart to another time interval. Let’s say the one hour chart, you can do so by clicking on this D button right here, and just choosing the hourly chart. Now you can see that we are on the one hour chart with 20 days of back data. And all of the 20 days are compressed in the screen as you can see. To zoom in and to zoom out on the chart you just click on this button right here. Now we are zoomed in and the chart looks cleaner, and to move back and forward in time you can use the bar on the bottom of your chart as I’m using right here. Now, these are the default time intervals on the Think Or Swim platform. I’m going to click on this button right here which is the time interval button. And you can see that we have the one minute chart with one day of data. The five-minute chart with five days of data. The 50-minute chart with 5 days of data, 30-minute chart with 10 days, etc., etc.

Changing charts

Now we are going to customize this list because sometimes maybe you want to look at the daily chart but two years back, to look at some levels, and sometimes you want to look at the one minute chart and not have only one day of data in it. Okay, so to customize these time intervals and aggregation periods, you click on the time interval button, you go to customize list and right here you can edit these buttons. Now let’s say that you want the one minute chart with maybe just today. Or maybe with two days of data, all right. We got the aggregation period one minute, the time interval one day and you can choose between tick, time and range. We’re going to stick with time candles because this is an example on how you can change the appearance of the chart. Not an example on how to trade with range bars, for example. Now you can also choose the aggregation period by scrolling left and right on this bar right here.

TOS charting

So we’re going to stick with the one minute chart and two days of data, and we’re going to select, okay? And you can also change any of the time frames that the Think Or Swim offers or you can even add a time frame by clicking on this button, right here. If you want to add a time frame, just click on the button Maybe you want to look at the three-minute chart because you use it with your trading. You can chose it and just click on select and we have a three-minute chart with only today’s data on it. Let’s click on apply and okay. Now let’s look at the drop down menu and you can see that we have the three-minute chart with today’s data on it. And as you can see, we only have today’s data on this three-minute chart. Now if you want to move up and down the list, you can do so by clicking on the time frame that you just created and just move it up like this.

This way, the time frame that we just created is going to be at the top of the list. Now let’s say that while you’re watching the Euro-US dollar, you’re watching the hourly chart. The 50-minute chart, the 3-minute chart for your entries but you also want, well a custom or a different time frame that is not available on this drop down menu. To do this, and to customize only one chart, you click on style, then you go to intraday. A three-minute chart because if you change it for example to the one minute chart and two days’ worth of data, when you go to style, let me just zoom in this. When you go to style, you’re going to see that you have the two day and one minute chart. Let’s go back to the chart that we were looking at which is today’s data only and the three-minute chart. Now, what I wanted you to know this is that, you click on today’s data three-minute chart and if you follow the today arrow, you can see at the bottom right here that it says that this chart is customizable, or this time frame is customizable.

And let’s say that you utilize the 17-minute chart, for example, only on today’s data for your trading. You click okay and as you can see you only have today’s data and 17-minute candles. It’s right here, today’s data with 17-minute candles.


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