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Regulated: Regulated by CySEC: license number 092/08.
Payout: 81%
Min Deposit: $100
US Clients:
Bonus: 25% up to $1,000 Bonus
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Safecap Investments Ltd is the company in charge of the trading operations of the TopOption brand. Located in Nicosia, Cyprus, TopOption has a strategic partnership with renowned forex broker Traders using TopOption will have access to the trade types available on the SpotOption trading platform.  TopOption is one of the few brokers licensed by CySEC under the new binary options licensing regime.

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Payouts and Expiry Times

As a SpotOption partner brokerage, traders will essentially have the same payouts on all trades except the One Touch trade which is the high yield trade that pays 500% on successful bets. The payout for the other trades starts from 65% and ends at 80%. The spectrum of payouts is as a result of the ability to use the Loss Return function (which ranges from 0 to 15%), as well as the Early Closure function in the Pro Option trade variety.

The expiry times for the trades are as follows:

a)    Call/Put and Pro Option: Expiry times are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and 24hours.

b)    OptionBuilder: expiry is customizable to a 24-hour clock.

c)     The 60 second option ends in 1 minute.

d)    The One Touch trade expires in a week.

Bonuses and Promotions

The main bonus awarded on TopOption is the welcome bonus given to new traders. The amount of bonus given will depend on the account type opened by the trader. The bonuses awarded are as follows:

a)    25% for the Starter account (from $100 to $999)

b)    30 to 35% for the Pro account (starts from $1000 to $4999)

c)     >40% for the VIP account (which starts from $5000) 

Asset Index

The assets that traders can trade on the TopOption platform are:

–       Commodities: Coffee, Corn, crude oil, gold., platinum, silver, sugar, wheat


–       Indices: ASX200, Bombay SE, CAC (France), DAX (Germany), Dow, Dubai, FTSE100 (UK), Hang Seng, IBEX35, NASDAQ, Nikkei225, S&P500, SSE180 (Shanghai), Straits Times (Singapore), Tadwul (Saudi Arabia).

–        Stocks: Amazon, Apple, BNP Paribas, Citi Group, Coca Cola, Fiat, France Telecom, Gazprom, Google, HSBC Holdings, IBM, Petrobras, TATA motors, Teva Pharma, Tesco, Sberbank.


Trading Tools

There are some special trading tools for traders on TopOption:


In the near future, TopOption is expected to feature mobile trading using the iPhone and Android devices.


a)    The TopOption academy provides a number of resources which can be used for advanced technical analysis training.

b)    A binary options ebook is also available on TopOption.


Deposits and Withdrawals

Traders can deposit and withdraw funds from TopOption via:

1)    Credit cards: Credit cards accepted on TopOption include those issued by MasterCard, VISA and Diner’s Club.

2)    FastBank is a method of bank transfer to the trader’s local bank account, and in local currency. This is available in selected countries only.

3)    International bank wires in foreign currency.

4)    E-currencies: Neteller, Liberty Reserve and Webmoney and Moneybookers.

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Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit on TopOption is $100. This is the same for all methods of transaction.

Min Investment Amount

$25 is the minimum that a trader can invest into a binary options trade on TopOption.

Deposit Info

All credit cards used on TopOption must be verified. In addition, users of MasterCard must obtain the secure code from their issuing bank.

Withdrawal Info

This is the same for all methods of transaction. No fees are charged for any withdrawals from the account.

Customer Support

Traders can access the customer support desk using the following means:

–       Live chat:

–       Email: The primary email address is on [email protected].

–       International Toll-Free Phone: +35722222039.

–       Fax: +35722022540