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About UpDownSignals.com

updownsignalsUpDown Signals is a binary options signals service that provides algorithms-based signals to subscribers for use in the binary options market. The service is suitable for those who have no time to analyze the markets or analyze charts, and want to make money from binary options while still performing their day jobs or other activities.  You can compare other binary options signals providers on Investoo.com here.

Asset Types Traded

More than 70 assets are scanned and covered by the UpDown Signals trade alert service. These assets will include all asset classes in the binary options market: currencies, stocks (including recently listed stocks such as Facebook), commodities and stock indices.

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Method of Signal Delivery

Trading signals are delivered to subscribers via SMS, which ensures prompt delivery straight to their mobile phones. This is a very suitable way of delivering signals considering that almost everyone has a mobile phone and those with smartphones can easily use their devices to receive signals and then trade on the mobile trading platforms of binary options brokers. During subscription, the trader provides his/her phone number (including the country code) to the UpDown Signals team in order for signals to be sent via SMS.

The signals are valid for three hours. A 3 hours forecast of the direction (Up or Down) is made for several assets. Signals are delivered 1-2 hours after the US session opens for business, which corresponds to 15:30 GMT (or 16:30 GMT when daylight savings time is off).

Signals are sent in the following format:

= = = = = = =

Signals for 08/03/13. Expiry time: 19:30 GMT

(a) EUR/GBP, Call, 0.8695

(b) OIL, Put, 91.35

(c) USD/JPY, Put, 96.155

(d) NASDAQ, Put, 3239.1

= = = = = = =

We can see clearly that the signal shows the asset, the trade direction, the price at entry, the expiry time and the time the signal was sent (which can be used to gauge if the 3-hour window has been exceeded or not).


Three forms of membership exist for those using the Binary Options service of UpDown Signals.  The first category is for the so-called “Not Sure” traders. They are charged $25 for a trial period of 7 days. Professional Traders receive the 7-day trial period access for just $4.99, after which a three month subscription of $197 is charged. There is a Monthly recurring membership which is charged at $4.99 for the 7-day trial period, and then $97 recurring charge per month. The same pricing structure also holds true for those using the day trading signals service.

Traders can therefore select the option they prefer. If the trader intends to cancel the subscription, this must be done before the next recurring charge cycle comes up.


On the UpDown Signals website, a claim of 70% profits is made. Traders can use the 7-day trial to assess the signals service to verify this profitability claim. A scan of the website of UpDown Signals shows that more money is made than lost every trading week. The latest results taken from the company’s Facebook page is shown below:

 updown signals

The pie chart shown above translates into a 2:1 win-lose ratio, which mirrors the 70% profitability claimed as success rate on the website. However, traders need to employ money management techniques so that a single bad trade does not make nonsense of the profitable ones. UpDown Signals has realized that traders need to be guided on money management and has devoted a full page on their website to educate traders on aspects of money management.

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Here is the profitability data for the last 12 months of trading, beginning on August 2012:

  • Total trading days:                                     236
  • Total signals:                                               874
  • Average signals per trading day:             3.7
  • Average signals per calender week:       25.9
  • In the money success rate (%):               71.5%
  • Day Trading accumulated earnings (%):60.8%

Special Features

The special features of the UpDown Signals service are as follows:

1)    An affiliate system which pays a percentage of subscription fees to those who can promote the service exists.

2)    Subscribers also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

3)    There is a feature which allows independent providers of signals services as well as owners of successful EAs to apply to become partners with UpDown Signals. Those with systems proven to work can get paid a portion of subscription fees for use of their products.

Customer Support

The UpDown Signals team can be reached by the contact form on the website or by email ([email protected]).


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