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Hello, traders. Welcome to the Think or Swim tutorial and the third module, Charting. In this lesson, we are going to go through the Super Gadget menu on your Think or Swim platform and, to do so, we are going to open the platform and go to a chart. And, as you can see right here, we are on the one minute E-Mini S&P 500 chart. Now, to enable the Super Gadget menu, you have to click on this square menu at the top right of your platform and then click on the Show Sidebar in Sales submenu. This will enable the Super Gadget menu at the right side of your chart.

Super Gadget menu

Now, if you unclick the Chart button, you can see that you no longer have data for the E-Mini S&P 500 on the window. Now, if you click on Chart, the chart will appear and there are a couple of more buttons that we are going to go through in this lesson. For example, you can click on Time and Sales and you will get the times and sales information for the E-Mini S&P 500 at the right side of your chart. Now, these trade sizes are customizable. If you click on Price size, right here, you can choose to only look at a desired amount of lots that are hidden, the bid or the ask on the exchanges. Now you can, for example, only look to trades that are equal or greater to four and the time and sales will only show you trades that are equal or greater to four that are hitting the bid in red and the ask in green.

Super Gadget Menu

This filter is also customizable when you click on Custom Size Filter and you can choose to go through a desired size by only clicking with these arrows. Now, we are going to choose to show all sizes on the Times and Sales. Another important information that you need is the level two of the market. Now you can see here that you have the bid side of the market and the S side of the market. You have 20 lots, right now, at the 1951 level and then at the 1951-1/4 you have 16, etc. And these, of course, this level two changes whenever new orders are being sent to the exchange. Another important button on the Super Gadget menu is the Live News button. If you click on the Live News button, you will get the news that only affect the E-Mini S&P 500 unlike these live news gadget right here that shows you the entire news that are hitting the wires right now. Now, by customizing your charts this way with the Super Gadget menu, you’re going to get all the information you need to trade at desired financial instrument. There are other buttons right here on the Super Gadget menu that we are going to go through on the Trade module of this course.


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