VAVATRADE Forex Signals Review

About VAVATRADE Forex Signals


This signal service is a monthly subscription-based product enabling its users to trade the currency market even if they possess no previous experience or skill.

The inventor of VAVATRADE claims that it has been generating profits successfully now for over two years. The software associated with this product can readily be installed on a MetaTrader 4 platform using an automatic wizard.

Proof can also be supplied clearly demonstrating that this product really does make real money profits unlike most of its main rivals. Consequently, by keeping the design of this service as simple as possible, VAVATRADE is promoted by claiming it can secure consistent profit streams even by complete novices. However, you should still not expect to acquire a string of winning results just within a few months since this service ideally needs at least 1 year to demonstrate its true potential.

One of the important features of this automated facility is that it entirely eliminates human error and emotions from the process of trading Forex. These two factors have been identified by experts to be the main reasons why so many beginners fail. For example, Vavatrade supports each active position by initiating both Stop-Losses and Take-Profits parameters immediately it is opened. Trades are therefore only initiated which exhibit the maximum profit potential with minimum risk exposure.

Your equity is safeguarded even further as this service never hedges active positions or utilizes Martingale or Grid concepts should price start advancing against them. You can therefore trade with confidence knowing that your trading capital will never be in danger of margin calls and substantial drawdowns. All the major accounts, comprising the Vavatrade system, are constantly monitored by professional traders around the clock in order to ensure that no unforeseen errors or unexpected situations occur.

In addition, you can be assured that all the supporting software has been exhaustively tested. For instance, all expert advisors, that are utilized to generate the signals, have been traded for many months in demo mode before they are exposed to live trading. In particular, they are checked to verify that they really can capture real money profits before they are released to the public for sale.


The main features of Vavatrade

–      Take-Profit and Stop-Loss are activated for each new position

–      Does not involve Hedging or Martingale strategies

–      Extra trades are never activated using either the same or larger lot sizes

–      Minimizes human error and emotions

–      Master accounts are supervised around the clock by trained experts

–      All the Vavatrade expert advisors have been designed by the same inventor

–      All associated software is extensively tested

–      The Vavatrade service has been producing consistent profits since 2011

–      Verification proof is presented by live trading results.

–      The robots comprising the Vavatrade are not sold as separate items.


The designer of Vavatrade promotes this service by stating that he has made the process of trading Forex as simple as possible. Each signal generated contains crucial data, such as the opening and closing values of quality entry opportunities.  These alerts will be first generated on his computer system and will then be immediately transmitted to yours via the easy-to-install trade copying software on your MT4 platform.  Once you have become a subscriber, you will also be granted access to an exclusive members’ only trading room.

You will not need to make any decisions or perform any actions during the trading process as it is totally automated.  If you select to purchase the Vavatrade, then you will never have to undertake the following actions any more:

–      Constantly analyze complex price formations by monitoring your computer for hours.

–      Track and monitor fundamental news and events

–      Waste money on other Forex products that do not work

–      Identify high quality trading opportunities with maximum profit potential

–      Development a risk and money management strategy capable of protecting your equity proficiently

–      Being conned by scammers


Key Benefits of Vavatrade

–      Start capturing profits immediately

–      No need to master Forex strategies  or methods

–      Human emotions are totally removed

–       No further need to spend extensive amounts of time learning about all the intricacies of Forex trading.


Performance Tests

The promotional material supporting the VAVATRADE defines and describes an attractive array of features and benefits. As such, the next step was to devise a series of tests capable of revealing the true trading potential of this signal service. The results obtained from this exercise are demonstrated in the ensuing table.


Key Parameters

In order to provide a means whereby the performance of this signal service could be readily assessed and compared to similar products, the following technique was implemented. Essentially, the average values contained within the rightmost column of the above table were used to calculate the following important parameters.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 63%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.78

3.       Expectancy Value = $15.12

These values suggest that the VAVATRADE Forex Signals have the ability to produce a return of $15.12 for each $1 wagered over the long haul.


User Comments

No meaningful data was collected by undertaking an internet search which was capable of providing any insights into the live trading performance of this service.



VAVATRADE supports a trial period costing just 1 euro for the first month. Thereafter, the monthly fee is 100 euros.



If the above parameters can be proven to be valid, then this Forex software product certainly presents an attractive offer as it appears to be capable of generating a profit of $15.12 for every $1 placed at risk. However, you should still adopt a cautious stance instead of leaping in with both feet.

Essentially, you still need to undertake a more detailed analysis to ensure that the VAVATRADE is really capable of delivering such a return. You can readily accomplish this task by following our carefully designed set of instructions which are both easy to understand and follow.

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